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Hi I'm Jonathan Green

I'm a missionary in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. I'm from Utah. I love reading and games. I love Legend of Zelda. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

i am from Utah. i worked for the Utah National Parks Council at Camp Maple Dell for 4 years. i love to read fantasy adventure and science fiction and mysteries. i love to play games: board games i am decent at, card games i am good at, video games i am good. for the most part, it all depends on the game. i like games that make you think. i guess i am still a kid at heart because i still like Pokemon and yugioh. i also play magic: the gathering and i am a fan of dungeons and dragons. video games like halo i am not good at, i like legend of zelda and i would like to play fable. i also did track and field, i was a sprinter for the 100 and 200. i also did cross-country and wrestling. i took fifth in junior high state in my weight division my 9th grade year. i am a missionary out in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, and i love it out here. i am also a Spanish elder, so i serve mainly around the Spanish population. it is a great experience for me. i am the third of four children and i love my family. we also have a dog, a chihuahua-mix that is blonder than i am. i plan on going to college after my mission and study to be a history teacher or an archeaologist.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member my whole life and it wasn't until i got out here that i recieved a confermation that the church was true. it happened while i was in one of my area's. i was doing my language study, reading the Book of Mormon in spanish. i was finishing 2 Nephi 33. i was about half-way through the chapter, on verse 10, when i was hit with the spirit. i couldn't finish because i couldn't speak or see through my tears. i knew that the book was true. when i finished the chapter, i knelt down and asked my Father in Heaven if what i felt was from him or not. again the same feeling of peace and calm filled my mind and heart. i now know that the Book of Mormon is true. the answer doesn't all come at once, but over time. little by little, step by step. it may get frustrating but, like anything else in life, if you stick to it and do it consistently, you will know it is true for yourself. and once you know, keep on doing what you were doing to keep your spirit strong and alive.

How I live my faith

As a missionary, it is a bit easier to live the standards. before, it was hard to keep your thoughts on gospel subjects when people use very bad language and talk about things that drive away the spirit. in my school, i don't even know if half of the students were members or if they just didn't care. there were many who helped keep the spirit in the school as much as possible. out on the mission, there is temptation to do things that you should not. it also depends on what area you serve also. it does help to have someone with you all the time. it helps keep you safe and focused on the work. when i get back home, i hope and pray that i will be able to keep myself worthy of the spirit.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Jonathan Green
we proselyte because we want others to feel the same joy and happieness and peace that we feel. this message is for all. we do not destroy faith in christ, we build upon what people already know. we don't want to force our religion upon anyone. if you don't want to learn, that's your choice. i just want to say that you will not regret listening. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Jonathan Green
A lot of times, it can be very loud because of the children. it can also be very spiritual and uplifting. the church is opened to everyone who wants to come. none are restricted. usually the first meeting is called sacrament meeting. during this time, we participate in singing song's, the sacrament and listen to the speakers. the speakers are usually picked about a week in advanced so they have time to prepare. anyone can give talks: men and women, boy's and girl's of all ages and all races. prayers are also given to open and close the meeting. afterward, we go to different classes. it is divided so that everyone can learn the gospel at their own level and pace. we teach so they understand. we encourage them to ask questions so they can understand and learn and grow. after, the men and women go to classes where they learn how to become better parents and better members of the church. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Jonathan Green
we do not have to go on a mission if we do not want to. it is encouraged that young men go, but it is not required. young women can go and also older couples go if they feel that they can. really, the choice is up to the individual. Show more Show less

What is the difference between attending church and the temple?

Jonathan Green
the chaples are open to everyone who wants to go. the temple is attended by those who qualify to enter. much like a job interview or an entrence exam into a college, we want to make sure that those who enter the temple are prepared to enter. the temple is sacred and holy. it is a place where God's presence can be felt in more abundance. before the temple is dedicated, we encourage everyone to walk through and look and see for themselves what the inside of the temple looks like. Show more Show less