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Hi I'm Roger

I'm a very happy married man with 12 kids and 24 grandkids Aka Roger The Roofer but my new name is PeePaw and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the middle child of 6 who grew up in the type of home that you had to be strong to survive. and thats all i think I did at the time. At 16 I quit school at 17 I joined the army at 19 I started a family when I did not even know what one was. In and out of trouble and 5 kids later I thought to myself to myself what am i doing? I want more!!! did I have kids to fulfill my needs or am I ready to fulfill there needs? then I met her. without going on with all the crazynees that brang me to today this is me now. I am married to the most wonderful women I know who has brang me to a place I thought I would only see in dreams. I have 12 great loving children 6'boys and 6 girls and for now I have 24 grand babies. I LOVE MY FAMILY! I would have to say I am a cowboy at heart and I love to hunt. I ran my own roofing company for many years but right now in my life it's all about my family nothing else matters.

Why I am a Mormon

About 19 years ago. My wife was about 8 ½ months pregnant with our 12th child and she was spotting blood, so off to the emergency room we go. After spending all Sunday @ the hospital the doctor says your fine just contact your doctor 1st thing Monday morning. 6am I head to work 9 am my wife calls her doctor and he tells her that he can’t handle her pregnancy anymore he has called Arnold palmer hospital and let them know what’s going on and she needs to get there right away. So I came home from work and off we go. As we get to the hospital they rush her to a room and it was like a swarm of doctors they were mumbling things I could not understand. So now I’m getting mad a doctor told me everything was fine and things just did not seem fine to me. I WANT ANSWERS NOW!!! This is when my world started to crumble things were not fine from what I was told there was something wrong with most of his organs and they need to do a C section 1st thing in the morning so they can start working on the baby. I have never felt so useless in my life. After the doctors left we held each other and cried. All I could do was tell her things would be ok we would get through this. The time came for me to go home and take care of the rest of the kids. On the trip home all I could think about was who was I kidding? I got no sleep; I stayed up all night worrying what that next day would bring. My wife being a member of the church from the age of 16 spent the night praying. That morning we sat in the prep room waiting to go in and the doctor came in to do one last sonogram. The look on his face scared me I thought to myself oh no what now. He said I don’t know how to say this but I see nothing wrong. But we have the room all set up you ready to have this baby? When we were alone my wife told me about her spending the night praying. Then 2 days after we get home we get a knock on the door we are Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The journey began.

How I live my faith

I try every day to be a better person. No matter how hard I try I cannot give back what has been given to me. But I will never stop trying. I think there comes a time in everyone life that they need to learn that in order to know for yourself what is inside that book you are judging by its cover you have to open it and read and do not stop till you know everything you can about it. Then let your heart decide. I try to meet every challenge with a smile and I try to offer my hand to anyone in need. I still make mistakes we all do but I know as long as I hold my lords hand he will guide me to where I need to go.