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Hi I'm La Quitta

I'm a Mormon, and I'm from Texas.

About Me

I'm a single mother of two daughters. After a long marriage to my high school sweetheart, I found myself having to divorce. After being a stay-at-home mom for many years, I now work in the emergency management and addressing departments of my county. I have many interests and hobbies, including photography, writing, horses, family history, cooking, travel, history, astronomy, sci-fi, the natural world around me, and music. I play guitar, dulcimer and other stringed instruments. I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in German. I have homeschooled my daughters and really enjoy my family. My daughters are cool people! Family is the best!!

Why I am a Mormon

I have always been intensely interested in spiritual things. When I was 14, I wrestled with some basic questions of spirituality. I grew up going to church with my family on Sundays. I was in the choir from the earliest age I was allowed to be. But, in the 60's in the U.S., questions arose about spirituality, some national publications even questioned if God was dead, and did He even exist? So, I started questioning, too. I knew many un-Christlike people, even many wars were fought for the sake of "Christianity". What was religion? What was the purpose of it? Was there really a God? I started looking over all religions and forms of spirituality. I checked out Hinduism and Buddhism, which I liked. I also checked out many churches. As I grew older, I attended many different churches, and was considered a "church hopper", because I couldn't find one I felt comfortable with for very long. After finally finding the one I thought was the best church, and throwing myself heartily into it, I got disillusioned when many of the national leaders of this church were found to be corrupt. I finally just gave up and had no religion for several years. As a result, I raised my daughters that there was no good religion, it was just pretty-much a figment of man's imagination, just used to comfort him when there were no answers. One day, I was working on my lawn, when I just happened to think "What about the LDS Church? I haven't tried them, yet.". I prayed that, in an offhand way, just in case there really was a God who might be listening. Several months later, I dreamed, just before I woke up, about a young 20-ish man, standing in my dining room, wearing a white shirt, dark pants, and a tie, holding a thick brown book in one hand. He was looking at me with raised eyebrows. No words were spoken. The dream ended. Later, I met the LDS Missionaries. My dream came true! One of the missionaries who spoke with me was the man in my dream! I decided to take another leap of faith...

How I live my faith

Prayer is the main part of my life. I do believe God answers prayer, if you're willing to listen. I go to church almost every Sunday. I love it! I am finally at a comfortable place. My Church members, everywhere I go, are like my family. I used to teach the women's group, and have been a provident living specialist and family history consultant for my ward (my individual church group). I have sometimes felt inadequate to be able to do what I've been asked to do, at first, but I prayed, learned quickly, and enjoyed my callings. This has been the most rewarding thing in my life, outside my family. My children also joined the Church and made friends. Later, they chose to attend public school and had many friends from our ward in their classes. People in this Church are individuals, individual choice is highly valued. I cherish my agency, and have been so glad to see that people are not expected to be robots, and are not treated as such! I am very deeply impressed with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have lived in different towns and a different state, and everywhere I go, people are themselves. I always feel close to the Latter-Day Saints I meet. I still keep in touch regularly with many of them from my previous wards. The Lord has taught me helped me through many tough situations. He is always there. I am so glad I finally found the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!