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Hi I'm Orrin Berry

I grew up on a family owned ranch in Alberta, Canada. I Love all sports. I love my family! Im a Mormon.

About Me

So I grew up in Alberta Canada, and im a PROUD Canadian! My family has been a ranching family since forever. It has never been the most profitable way of life, but i think its one of the most fullfilling ways anyone can live. I'm proud of my parents for raising me and my sisters like they did. it probably wast the easiest thing in the world, but it has helped me learn a lot about life. I'm serving a mission in tucson arizona right now, but after my mission i hope to go to school for either engineering, or medical.. maybe surgury.. I'm planning on going either to UofA in alberta, or Utah for school. and if i end up in Hawaii i'd be fine with that too...

Why I am a Mormon

My family introduced me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was baptized into the church when I was 8. Even though I've attended church all my life I wouldn't say that I've been a member all my life. Like everyone, there came a point in my life when i had to find out for myself about our church, instead of going because my family went. I had some rough years between the ages of 16-18 that really made me truly find out for myself if it was true... I prayed harder than I had ever prayed before and studied the scriptures more diligently than ever, and God answered my prayers. In His own time God testified to me that it was true. People would often tell me "the LDS church is all fine with you, you dont drink, you don't swear, its easy for you!" I tell them "I dont go to the LDS church because i'm like this, I'm like this because i go to church."

How I live my faith

i've been a member of this church for my entire life, yet my faith came step by step. learning a little here and a little there. i was able to see my faith grow in my life as i used the faith i already had. as i acted on the knowledge i had already recieved, and left the rest up to faith, i have been able to see the faith i have expand. as a youth i served as a hometeacher in my church. a calling where you go to different families in the area you live and serve them in any way you can. when i was 18 i taught the sunday school for kids age 16-18. now i am serving the lord on a mission for my church, where i teach anybody and everybody i can how the savior Jesus Christ can change the person you are, and help you become who you can and need to become. people see missionaries as busy bodies trying to butt in to peoples lives and push their own beliefs on others. but when i look at missionaries i look at someone who has been healed thru the atoning power of Jesus Christ. look at it this way, if you were dying of cancer and you found the cure and were fully healed, what would you do with your knowledge of "the cure"? you would RUN through ever hospital in the country yelling at the top of your lungs that you have found "the cure"! you would go door to door telling people about it! you would stop people on the streets and ask them if they have heard of "the cure"! Jesus Christ is "The Cure" for everything that could possibly go wrong in our lives, and we NEED to share that (Him) with everyone we can! I live my faith by doing what i know is right, even when it isnt easy.