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Hi I'm Dan Hayward

I'm from Massachusetts but loving it up here in Quebec!! Oh, and I'm a Mormon. :P

About Me

I grew up in the great State of New Hampshire. After serving in the military in Germany, I moved to Massachusetts where I began my career as a custom woodworker/Cabinetmaker. After over forty years in business I retired and moved to the land of my wife's and my heritage, dear old and beautiful Quebec Canada where the air is fresh and the frost stays on the pumpkin. My lifelong hobby has been photography and now I have the time to study, practice and play with it as once only dreamed I would. There's so much up here to photograph.....it's a photographer's paradise!! Speaking of playing....I love to play golf, and though it's not Florida, there are many challenging golf courses up here to keep me humble. Gabrielle and I love good music, reading, the arts and Chickenfoot, along with eating, dancing, good sports, chick flicks (yea I know, I'm a softy), and ice cream!! We have not forgotten the Land of the Brave, our good old United States and take frequent trips back and forth about once every three months to visit our family there. We feel privileged to be connected so intimately with both countries. AND, I can't forget those PATRIOTS!!!, CELTICS!!!! and of course, RED SOCKS & BRUINS!!! Go PATS!! But, if the BRUINS can't do it, then GO MONTREAL!!!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of a most wonderful experience that occurred in my life way back in 1978 when I had a dream that the Mormon Faith was the one that the Lord wanted me to join. I knew nothing about the Mormon's at that time, but found where to contact them and was soon on my way to a whole new and rewarding life. As I began to read the Book Of Mormon I felt the most beautiful and peaceful spirit come upon me, more beautiful than words can describe, and love beyond ever before experienced. I felt l love for others far exceeding my natural abilities, and joy beyond description. It is something that has to be felt before it is understood. I wanted to share this spirit with everyone, but to my astonishment my friends and family were too fearful and doubting to accept the light and knowledge I was so eager to share with them. So, I was left alone, and put myself completely in the hands of the Lord to be led further into the light. I have never regretted or looked back. My journey through life as a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has exceeded all my expectations as I have felt the power of the priesthood delivering me through trials and circumstances that without the gospel would have had devastating effects, but with faith and strength received by keeping God's commandments and striving to live according to the the teachings of Jesus Christ, they have all turned to my good and I have become a better person because of them. This life has been and will always be a joy for me to live as I see and feel the absolute reality of the Saviours love for all His children. I know without doubt that what the scriptures say of Him is all true, that he lived and walked the earth 2000 years ago, that he performed miracles which testified of His divinity, that He willingly died for our sins, and most of all, that he was resurrected and has opened the doors to eternal life to all who will believe in Him and live His teachings.

How I live my faith

Presently I am serving as a counsellor to our bishop in the Longueuil Ward (chapel), Longueuil Quebec. As you can imagine, this is a calling with a lot of responsibility, and the word that best describes my feelings as I was set apart for this service is humility. I am and always will be humble that the Lord has put His trust in me to do my best to assist the bishop in his work as a shepherd over the flock. It is a wonderful experience to serve our fellow man. The members of the Longueuil ward are some of the most loving, kindest, humble, intelligent, and faithful people that I have ever had the privilege to associate with......and yes, I do love them all. Some of the most important things i do to maintain my faith and relationship with Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ is to say my prayers every morning and evening, and many times during the day. To some this may sound boring, but we are taught to pray sincerely from our hearts, conversing with God as though he were standing right next to us. Through prayer we not only communicate with Him, but He also communicates with us and these are the greatest experiences. Reading the scriptures daily is another thing that must be done to have a close relationship with God. The Scriptures are His word to us, and He wants us to learn of Him through His word, and as we do so He gives us more light, knowledge and understanding.....and it just doesn't get any better than that. Finally, I love to serve my fellow man. By doing that I know that we are in fact serving our God, and it pleases Him and He lets us know it as he blesses us with (yes I'm going to use those words again), WONDERFUL, and INDESCRIBABLE FEELINGS of love and joy that would wake up even the most insensitive of us, and fills our hearts and minds with knowledge, inspiration, revelation, and light, that even a blind man couldn't fail to see. Yes it's true, He lives, we are His children, He loves us and will save all who will let Him.

Are Mormons Christians?

Dan Hayward
Everything about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), points to Jesus Christ being exactly who He says He is in the scriptures. All the doctrine of the church teaches that He is the only begotten son of God, That He came to earth 2000 years ago, that He died for our sins, that He was resurrected and is now at the right hand of our Heavenly Father, and is the only Saviour of all mankind. We worship Him as our God, creator, and Saviour, we pray in His name, we keep His commandments, we have all faith that through Him anything is possible, and we follow and serve and try to live as He commanded. He is our life and our God and we worship no other. What is more Christian than that. Show more Show less