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Hi I'm Joseph Quilter

I am a flight instructor and aviation mechanic for Utah Valley University.

About Me

I am a father to three wonderful little girls. They can be a handful sometimes, in fact they usually keep both of my hands full but with the help of my wonderful wife we have lots of fun. When I'm not working as a flight instructor and aviation mechanic for UVU, we enjoy playing in the great out doors. our family loves to camp, hike, rock climb, and shoot, and now that I have graduated we have a lot more time to do the things we love.

Why I am a Mormon

I was introduced to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by my parents as a child. I grew up going to church because that is just what we did. But as I grew older I began to seriously think about whether or not I should stay with the church of my parents or take another path. I thought about what i wanted in my life and i examined the lives of those around me to see what choices they made and if they had the kind of life that i wanted. I saw many of my friends and even family members searching for happiness and fulfillment in the amount of things they owned. Cools cars, games, and money were obtained and provided status and temporary joy, but in the end it never seemed to be enough. They were always needing something more. I talked to others who had spent their lives building great carriers only to tell me they wished they had spent more time enjoying life and their families and less time working. I prayed for guidance and was blessed with a clarity of thought. it occurred to me that all of the people I say around me that had the kinds of lives i wanted, attributed their happiness and success to the teachings of Christ. All of the best times I could think of in my life, were tied to my obedience to gospel principals. It was then that I decided that not only did I want to follow the teachings of Christ as a member of the church, but i wanted to share the happiness I had found with others. I took two years of my life and went to Japan to teach others about Christs gospel. I have witnessed many miracles during my time in Japan and sense that has confirmed the life changing power that this gospel can have in the lives of those who are willing to give it a try and that is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

It has been said that there is no greater love than someone who would lay down their life for that of another. I used to think that this quote referred to the act of dieing for someone else, but i have come to realize laying down your life is much more than that. while it is indeed noble to be willing to die to save another, this choice can be made but once and then it is done. Living for someone, on the other hand requires a daily renewal of commitment. Every day the choice must be made anew to value the welfare of another to the point that you are willing to sacrifice for their good. I wish that I could claim to have attained to this standard, but I feel I am yet a long ways from it. How ever I strive to learn from my mistakes and help those I interact with every day to feel the happiness the gospel of Christ brings. I hope that the example I show and the service I render helps those around me to feel Christs love for them and in some way makes their lives a little better.