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Hi I'm Ana Baird

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am hearing impaired. I baptized and became Mormon at age 9.

About Me

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and have always been. I was born in the Church, according to my parents. I was only attending the Catholic Church before I was 9 to accompany friends, but not really to follow the religion. I will never forget the missionaries that baptized me and my brother, they have become an inspiration that lasted throughout my entire life. I'm a college student. I have an AA in Liberal Arts and I'm about to graduate with a Bachelor's in Psychology. I plan to continue studying to get a Master's in Behavior Analysis and then a PhD...although I don't know what I want my doctorate's for yet. I have a wonderful family to whom I'm very close to, and they have inspired me to believe in God and Jesus Christ as well as in our Holy Ghost, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and our current Prophet, President Monson. They also inspired me to face the world with the hardships it brought and stay strong and move on. I also have 2 wonderful and cute dogs that are very friendly, keep me company everyday, and I love very much.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe in our Heavenly Father as well as in his Son, Jesus Christ. When I first was introduced to the Church and to the Gospel, I believed in it--not because of what the missionaries were saying, but because of my Holy Ghost that testified to me that the Church is true and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and it's our guidance to grow closer to our Heavenly Father and become more like him. The Holy Ghost still lives in me and still testifies that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, our Savior, that we can go to our Heavenly Father through Him. I also believe that He's always there for us, always have been, and always will be--even if we don't notice. I look forward to living an eternity with God and Jesus Christ--not because of our eternity, but because I want to live a happy and eternal life with Him and His Son as well as with my family. I believe that living with them eternally will give me the greatest joy I could ever imagine beyond description. I want to and continue to follow through his Guidance and Commandments and I'd do whatever the Lord wants me to do, whether there's a reason or not, whether I understand it or not, I prefer to obey our Heavenly Father because I know that His reasons are good. I have experienced many experiences that testified to me that God still lives and He's still with us, that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, and there's no holding back to my belief in Him.

How I live my faith

I attend the Church as often as events permit. For instance, if I have to study too much for my school, I don't attend as often as I should. What's more, it's also a psychological stage that I go through when I'm in school. I can only attend one thing at once--either Church or School. It's sad, I know, but once I'm in school, I'm fully concentrated on it. However, just because I don't attend Church doesn't mean that I stop practicing my religion or stop living my Faith. I'm always living it. I'm a full-time prayer. That is, I pray everyday, morning and night, to communicate with the Lord to thank him for all the blessings He gives me everyday as well as ask him for things I need, such as health for my family. I've also had a calling before, which I couldn't yet complete, where I became president of Visiting Teaching. As soon as I'm done with school this semester, I will get back to my calling so I can help out others do their visiting teaching. I also share my testimony every first Sunday of every month and share a message with the members of the Church to learn about or use for their guidance. I also go to the Temple every first Thursday of every month as events permit and do my work there, which shouldn't be talked about here. I have also done visiting teaching before and I loved it. I also read the scriptures as much as I possibly can when I'm not studying, and I share a little something with people who believe in the Lord but are not of the same religion just to strengthen their Holy Spirit.

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Ana Baird
A young man named Joseph Smith founded the Church of jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--THIS is Mormonism. He was confused about the faith and discussions done by many different churches and he wasn't sure about which of them was right and which one to join, so he asked God in prayer to help him discover what he had to do to be righteous and faithful and which Church to join. When the Lord answered to him that he should've joined none of them, it was revealed to him that he was to help place the true church of Jesus Christ on Earth as soon as in 10 years. With the help of God, he was able to translate scriptures into the Book of Mormon, which is something he could not have done himself. Show more Show less