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Hi I'm Christoph

I was born and raised in Georgia and in the LDS church and have attended regularly since I was a baby.

About Me

I was born and raised in Georgia. I played rugby in high school and served as a scoutmaster in the troop where I earned my Eagle Scout. Ever since I was baby my eyes have been different colors, leading to almost as many questions about my eyes as my religion. My six siblings and I grew up playing in the woods and creeks that stretch behind our home. Sorry to brag, but my childhood was awesome. Not every kid gets the chance to act like Huck Finn. Our parents always encouraged us to learn. They wanted to find joy in learning. This was one of the reasons we were home schooled. Because of this I had a lot of control over what I studied. I love learning about how the world around me works, so when I got home from serving a two year church mission in Idaho, I decided to go to school and learn physics. I want to use my knowledge of physics to discover new ways to provide energy and technology to impoverished areas of the world.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an active LDS family, all of my siblings and I grew up going to church every Sunday and reading scriptures and praying daily. Growing up like this meant that I took most of the gospel as a given, something that everyone knew. It wasn't until I became a teenager that this world view began to crumble. It took several years for me to recover from that blow. I spent a lot of time being rather apathetic about God and religion, but as the possibility of serving a mission became more pressing, I decided it was time to figure out what I believed. I started looking around and reading to decide if there really was a God. First I mostly just studied books and articles and talked to friends and family, but I wasn't satisfied with any of the explanations or arguments I was hearing. So I finally prayed. Like for real. And then I kept researching. And I kept praying. This continued for months. It felt like an incredibly long time, but God answered my prayers. It wasn't a flash or some miraculous experience, but through my feelings and my mind. And it wasn't while I was kneeling and praying that I got an answer, but while I was working at finding my own answer. In hindsight, I can see that the whole time, through all of the conversations I had and the books I read and the prayers I spoke, that God was helping me to find my answer. If I had immediately received an answer to my first prayer, I would not have valued it as much I as value this experience. So while receiving an answer took a long time and it was difficult to keep trying, all of those efforts were necessary in order for me to be able to understand my answer. I'm absolutely confident that there is a God and that Jesus Christ actually is able to help each individual overcome the challenges in their life. I've found relief and strength in applying the lessons of the Bible and Book of Mormon in my life. I've found happiness in being a Christian. That's why I'm a Mormon. Because life is. Better.

How I live my faith

I try to be a little better today than I was yesterday. Jesus Christ wants to help people change, that's the whole message of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It would be kind of a waste if I didn't try using His help to become a better friend and neighbor myself. Even with little stuff like picking trash up off the sidewalk or washing the dishes for your roommates, I know that God can help me be better. When I'm trying to be a better person myself, I find that I have a more positive outlook on life, even though I can see how far I am from my goals. Outside of trying to improve myself as a person, I love being involved in community organizations. I think it's cool to clean up parks or clear trash out of the river bed. I love volunteering at charity stores and seeing all of the goofy stuff that gets donated. And anything that has to do with construction or working on land is my favorite, I honestly love spending time spreading mulch and planting trees, so I'm a big supporter of public parks. I just try to see the world in a positive light and even when the news is full of fear, I have hope that the world is becoming a better place. But hope doesn't do much bu itself, so I try and get out and change a few things for the better. It's the small stuff in life that makes the biggest difference, so I try smiling a little more while I walk to class and I try keeping my eyes open for the opportunities around me to make the world a happier place.