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Hi I'm John

Grew up in Utah, in a Mormon community, spent my life in the church. I am grateful to have had that back ground. I am a Mormon

About Me

I was raised on a farm, exposed to hard work as a youth and the responsiblities of caring for animals. I grew to love the work of planting and nurturing crops, then reaping the harvest. I have always loved being out of doors. I don't ever remember not having a pet mostly dogs, but I always had something to care for. I was blessed to be able to enjoy a church back ground all of my life. I had the oppertunity to serve a mission for the church when I was Nineteen. I went to Holland, and was there for 2 1/2 year. It was a great experience and gave me a foundation that has served my all my life. I will always be grateful for that blessing to serve. I married at age 24 in the Salt Lake Temple, my wife and I have now raised 3 children. And have 8 grandchildren. We love to spend time with all of our family. This has been a blessing beond our understanding. My Patriachcal blessed states that my family will be a blessing to me. And that has been the case. I pray that the future will bring many more blessing to our family, as we share our faith with others. My wife and I are serving our dream and promise to each other, made over 40 years ago. We are on a Mission in The Texas Houston South Mission. We have been here for about 9 months and have 9 to go. This has been a wonderful blessing, and experience to be here and serve in this part of the vineyard. We have learned to love the people in Houston and love sharing the Gospel with others!

Why I am a Mormon

I have never found a church that could talk about the past, the future and present in such extenive terms. It just all makes sense. I existed before this mortal life, I will extist after this mortal death. I will live just as the Bible tells me that I will. I have been taught that I have an eternal desiny that can bring me into the presense of my Heavenly Father with blessing and a work that is imcomprehendable but conceiveable and logical in my mortal mind. My prayers have been a confirming factor, in understanding and knowing that this is the path for me to follow. This gives me that strength to endure the difficulties that are heaped upon me by daily trials and set backs of life. I am grateful for the rock of a gospel that is not swayed by the thoughts and pressures of an ever more and perverse society. This stability is even more reassuring, in such an unstable world of ever changing values. And to know that I have a savior in Jesus Christ that I can follow his example, as spelled out in the scriptures, giving me a firm assurence of his love and grace. Never having to guess what my options are, or wondering what could have been, if only I had be a better person. I know that He will always stand up for me, if I stand for him. He is forward looking and only wants the best for me. As I follow Him and strive with all my heart to be as Christ like as I can be, His promise is that He will love me and mold into what He wants me to become. There is always the opertunity to change paths, and follow Him. This is His Church, His gospel, His plan, for us to seize and hold fast too. I know these things to be true as testified by the Holy Ghost to the very fiber of my being. I thank God for The Book of Mormon and strength of witness and reassurence that it bring to the Bible, in deed Another Witness of Jesus Christ. Of This I testify In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

I have found that living the gospel is easy if I make it away of life everyday. Treating people with respect and kindness regardless of the kind of mood that they may be experiencing, is naturally the best option, but to do it without putting on a false front, or my Sunday face is so much better. People soon come to realise that this is the way you are, and by so doing, your someone that they like to be around. I love to smile and greet people pleasently. It is very disarming, and will set them at easy quickly. I work in the Church with the more mature members mostly, but then I am one of them, so that is only natural. I have in the past taught youth and even preteens. Though it can be a bit taxing if they are being overly rambunchious. But for the most part it is very rewarding to be in a situation where you can be a positive influence in the moulding of a young persons life. But then to wax filisophical, we are always an influence in someones life, good, bad or indifferent, it all works the same. I really enjoy a good gospel discussion. Exchanging ideas and thoughts about the gospel can be very rewarding and healthy, both mind and body. We are all encouraged to seek out more understanding and knowledge about all things, gospel included. There is just so much to understand. And we don't all think just the same. That's why a very basic talk about the basic principles of the gospel can be so benefical to everyone, because we each gleen from it what we understand. Then there is the influence of the Holy Ghost to enlighten our minds even more, as we seek his guidence and influence we are given more than is what actually said. All things go hand in hand, with respect to learning and understanding the gospel of our savior. The Lord leads us on the path, putting oppertunities for learning and expanding out knowledge, as we honestly seek to know. I know that to be true. This is the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.