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Hi I'm Kaye Shackelford

I grew up to be a school teacher and I still love teaching. Something that I enjoy most is teaching my family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a widow and a single mother and grandmother. I am retired now and enjoy it very much. I am writing a family history. I have information that goes back many generations and I have really enjoyed finding out how these family members lived and what they did. I also help others at a Family History Library to find their family members. This is especially fun when a person finds a long lost relative. They get so excited. Sometimes I even teach some classes at this library. I learn so much from beginners and I love their enthusiasm. I also quilt and paint. I am excited about color and love matching and contrasting colors in my art. When I go on walks, I look for combinations of colors in nature. I also think of how I can put a scene into one of my quilts. A special craft of mine is to make lace the way it was made before it was made on machines. It's called Bobbin Lace. I used to travel around my state and display it at fairs. Now my Lace Pillows are on display in my home and when I look at them I think of how great it is to live in this time with our conveniences.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Latter Day Saint family and my mother took me to be baptized when I was eight years old. I had learned by then how good it felt when I did something right or helpful and how bad I felt when I did something I know I shouldn't have done. These feelings were often accompanied by a Kindlier, Guiding feeling. I soon came to recognize this feeling as something from God and after my baptism it became stronger and more frequently. I was told I had been given the Gift of The Holy Ghost. I have felt guided by this personage throughout my life. When I read the Bible, The Book of Mormon and other scriptures, I would question and ponder of many of the passages in the pages of these books and ask God to help me know if they were true. My prayers were always answered and so I used these truths to guide my life by the best way I knew how. We had a picture of Jesus in our church and I had that same Kind and Guiding feeling when I looked at that picture and began to realize I loved Jesus and that He loved me too. I also came to understand that His Father, Heavenly Father loved me too. This love has never left me. I have made mistakes and had enormous challenges and this Love has been a constant for me and I have felt that if They would stay with me and let me feel Their Love, I could do whatever it was that I had to do. So, with all the lessons there are in life to be learned, I decided I wanted to be near to Holy Jesus and HIs Father and try to be like them as much as I could. This love and the Gift of the Holy Ghost are powerful influences in my life that sustain and nourish and help me to succeed as a person, a parent, a grandparent and a friend to all I have the opportunity to meet.

How I live my faith

Often, an invitation is extended to our whole town to come to the Family History Center for lessons on how to do research for their family members.  I am called on occasionally to teach some of these classes. This is a great experience for me because I meet some wonderful people. I also sing in our Choir at our church. I no longer have the voice I had in my youth when I sang solos and duets and sang so well in other choirs. But I love these songs we have in our songbook that teach about Our Savior, His creations, HIs Atonement and His Sacrifice on the cross. We also sing Patriotic Songs, songs about God, Our Heavenly Father, Pioneers, soldiers and many of the Holidays we celebrate. I am grateful and happy to be able to participate with these people and offer our pieces to the embers in our congregation. I don't spend the time in callings like I did when I was raising my children and when my mind was stronger. But all the work and study I did to learn and teach has matured into deep feelings and a sure witness of Truth and I love to take part in Gospel Doctrine discussions. I have had many pxperiences where I have been able learn what the scriptures teach by personal experience and I love to share this and testify that I know a particular scripture is true. I also enjoy our prayers as a congregation and partaking of the Lord's Sacrament. I feel very close to the Lord at these times and also have feelings of who I may be able to help and visit with during the coming week. These services with my Brothers and Sisters as we call ourselves, brings us close together as a congregation and we serve each other and our community with these same feelings of love and closeness. I remember bulding my faith when I was younger and wondered if I would ever learn how to be faithful and strong. I see now it happened and still happens by doing these small but meaningful things and keeping close to Our Savior and His Father.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Kaye Shackelford
I needed help when I ws growing up. I couldn't find any help at the time I needed it. I had been taught there was a God and He was our Father. I decided I would ask Him for the help I needed. He quickly and kindly helped me. As a child, I felt good about this and didn't question His vast Universe and my small needs. As I grew older, even until now, I still call on Him when there is no one that seems to understand. He still answers me. I find this experience overwhelming in significance. I can depend on Him and His help and I just don't ever want to be in a position where I can't have this sweet blessing in my life. I know He does the same for all His children. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

Kaye Shackelford
This book is inspired by God. I live assured that He cares for all His children from Adam and Eve down to today. We have many Holy stories of God's dealings with His children, this book is filled with those kind of stories. Because it was written by help from God, I feel close to Him when I read it. I learn many new ways that I can serve Him and my fellow man. I understand in a deeper, sweeter way how His Son Jesus loves me and is willing to help me in every aspect of my life because He did with the people in this inspired book. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Kaye Shackelford
I have listened to a Prophet, called by God since I was a young girl. I used to site in the place they were speaking and watch them for a long time and think about their title. I finally decided I was going to do what they said to do to see if what they were teaching was right. When I did this, my life began to change for good. I actually saw a change in myself and a good influence in my marriage and family life. This has happened to me many times now. I know these Prophets are called by God and what they say is Divine and if Our Savior were here, His counsel to us would be no different. Show more Show less