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Hi I'm Benj

I am an actor. I am a skater. I am a canoe trainer for The Red Cross. I break horses. I speak Hungarian. I am a mormon missionary.

About Me

I am the oldest of 5 kids. I have a brother who is 18, a sister who is 15, another sister who is 6 and another brother who is 5. I live on a farm. I am what others might call a jack of all trades, that is to say, I love doing everything. I have been swimming since I could walk. I started playing football in middleschool in a town called Kingwood, Texas. I have played soccer since I was 5. I started skating when I was 11 but stopped when I was 13 an picked it up again at 18. I was a life guard. I am certified for first aid and cpr. I help the Red Cross train canoeers and kayakers. I fell in love with acting when I was 17. I have 2 horses and broke one, helped break another. I tossed hay for a ranch for a while, and now I am serving a mission in Hungary, speaking one of the hardest languages in the world. I guess you could say I do a little bit of everything, but the one thing that I love doing the most is being a loyal friend and helping others. My whole life I have always loved including those that usually dont get included. I dont know if you are the type of person who loves to help others and do everything, but if you are you could be a "mormon" just like me. It isnt that much different. Just when you go party with your friends dont drink alcohol, or do anything stupid like sex.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church. But isnt everybody born into something. Catholics are born into that church, but that doesnt mean that they will be catholic. When I was 16, I am going to be honest, I realized that I was just going through the motions. I was only doing what my parents wanted. Well, no teenager wants to do what their parents want. I wanted my own life. My own beliefs. I went with my friends to their churches and talked to other pastors. They all told me my church was wrong and that we have "a book that is from the devil," called the Book of Mormon. That spurred my curiosity. If this book is so wrong than I should read it and find out for myself. I read it. I prayed like it says and I got a small answer that says that the book is a good book. I felt it in my heart. That wasnt enough though. I turned to the missionaries. I went with them to teach a family about prophets. When they asked me to bear my testimony about the prophet I thought, "I cant do that, I dont even know if one exists. I am looking for the truth too." At that moment something stirred inside my heart so strong that I bore testimony that "I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that this is the true church." Tears came to my eyes, and I dont know if the other person felt it, but I know that I did and at that point I knew that this is the true church. Dont wait. Read the book for yourself. It is free. Listen to a talk on LDS.ORG by the prophet. Pray. Dont forget to pray!!! It is the most important part. Dont take our word for it, take God's!

How I live my faith

Well, I think it is simple. I just do my things that I love doing...everything... and I always strive to be a better person. I look for ways to help others at all times and I always try to defend or lift those that may seem out of the group. I read the scriptures and pray for the strength to find my true self. I have realized that life is better when I turn it all over to Him. I am now serving a mission because the gospel that we teach doesnt change people, it simply helps them find the them that our loving Heavenly Father knows is there inside of them. It may not be easy but it is worth it. Just think about it. If everyone would just constantly try to be better this world would be such a better place. Start today. I did when I was 16. I may still make mistakes, some big some small, but I know that there is something righteous that God respects in the journey to become like Him.

What is being a Mormon like?

It is like being any normal person. You have your own life you just make Christ's teachings and trying to become like Him the center of it. Family becomes the most important thing. You have a purpose and someone to always turn to when you have a huge question. You never feel lost. You are almost always able to be happy because you want to be. You control you, no one else controls you. Show more Show less