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Hi I'm Megan

I've been lost, I'm still learning, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm finishing up my senior year of high school and looking forward to attending Brigham Young University- Idaho in the fall of this year. A bibliophile.. is a person who collects or has a great love of books. Wow. If one sentence could sum me up entirely that would be it. I read almost to a fault, once I get into a great book I won't leave my room ( aka reading sanctuary ) for more than an hour or two until I'm done. As much as I love reading, I do get out every once and a while for some ice cream, a movie, the usual teenage stuff. To afford such a luxurious life style ( sarcasm ) I babysit. I LOVE KIDS. They entertain me like nothing else. Um... another thing about me is that I really like people. Tall people because they give the best hugs, short people because I am one ( and let me tell you its great ), just ALL people. Even people that hate reading. We can all be best friends because I just want to eat ice cream with everyone and have a great time. None of this made sense. Kind of like me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I Mormon? It would be simple if I said that I am Mormon because I believe it, which I do. It would be simple, but not sufficient. Not sufficient for the love I have for this gospel, the members, the prophets, my brother and savior Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father. So, I can only make an attempt to portray "Why I am a Mormon". The church is organized by Jesus Christ, and upon his foundation the family is built. I love the church because it is so much more than saving souls, it is everything. The church is family. He is our Father, Christ our brother, and through them we can live with our earthly families for all eternity. Everything just makes sense. I can feel it. I am a Mormon because without this gospel, I'm not sure what worth my life would have. Without the promises of forever, if I were to deny this truth, I would be denying myself forever with the people I love. I can feel the truth of this gospel through the love I feel for my family, and through this gospel I love them more.

How I live my faith

Every Tuesday I go to church and play games with other LDS youth. It's a good way to step away from the things other kids may be doing like drinking, doing drugs, and other immoral things. It's easy to forget what's right and wrong when only attending spiritual meetings every once and awhile and "Mutual", as its called, helps me keep in mind what I should be doing. I also go to church EVERY Sunday, for 3 HOURS, EVERY week. To some it may seem like a lot but to me its a relief that I can get away from the worries of the world and remember my true purpose here on Earth. I live my faith on my own too, listening to uplifting music keeps me in a righteous and cheery state of mind. By making simple ( and sometimes not-so-simple ) choices of do's and dont's, I am an example to those around me. More than anything, I want people to know Christ through me. By following His example, I can do just that. The influence I have by using clean and positive language, smiling, and caring for others is something I could never regret. The feeling I get when helping others/ LIVING MY FAITH is how I know it's true. Live it. Love it. Know it.