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Hi I'm Evan

I've lived in Sunny San Diego since birth, and I'm a mormon.

About Me

My parents were both Idaho farmers and their likes and interests have widely influenced our family culture. My Dad has the biggest green thumb and plants a large variety of fruits and vegetables. As a family we love to eat and grow tomatoes, squash, figs, peaches, cumquats, loquats, swiss chard, and many other varieties of fruits and vegetables. I am probably the least involved in the garden than my three older sisters. But my love for vegetables has only increased over the years. My Dad is a great pianist and an electrical engineer. Because of his influence I have tried to pick up piano, but I don't know if I'll ever be as good as him. I am also considering a career in electrical engineering. I also enjoy basketball, playing board games, and spending time out doors.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always felt the gospel is true, but I had to find out for myself if the gospel was true. I have prayed about it and I have a testimony that I know the church is true. When I was eight years old I read the book of Mormon and the Bible. I know that the book of Mormon is true. I have felt so much power and inspiration from reading it. I know that if I put the Lord first in my life, my day goes a lot better. I had been getting in the habit of reading scriptures before I even ate breakfast in the morning. It was a sign to me and my Heavenly Father that I would put him first. Then when I decided I needed to get some exercise in the morning. i waited to read my scriptures after I ate and exercised. I felt the need to put scripture study first again and I felt much happier. About a year ago I wanted to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I prayed about it and for several months nothing seemed to change. I went to BYUI (Brigham Young University of Idaho) and I was called as a teacher. As I was set apart as a teacherI was told that I had a message to share and that I was meant to be a teacher. For four sundays in a row i had prepared to give a lesson about the restoration of the Gospel and Joseph Smith. About the same time in my Missionary preparation class, we were studying Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Gospel. I remember sharing a family Home Evening Lesson with my oarents on the phone and I was reading the Jospeh Smith History. i was so touched while reading the versus to my parents that I burs out crying I knew it was true. For four weeks i was preparing to give a lesson about the subject. it was powerful lesson and it was the only lesson I gave all semester. I know that heavenly Father is aware of our needs. I know that jesus Cgriat loves us and that he atoned for our sins. I challenge anyone who reads my profile to pray about The Book of Mormon, pray to know Joseph Smith restored the Gospel, and the Holy Ghost will manifest the truth of it unto you.

How I live my faith

I am preparing to serve a mission in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, English speaking ,ission. This past summer I went to Philmont Scout Ranch where I learned leadership skills, learned about various religions, and earned some money for my mission. I also had many opportunities there to share the Gospel. I feel the Lord blessed me with the experiences at Philmont to prepare me for my mission. In the mission field, missionaries are expected to study the scriptures for several hours a day. I usually read my scriptures every day for about an hour. I base my study off of preach my Gospel, a book that missionaries will use as a basis to teach non-members. I have been taking a mission prep class. My teacher is the best teacher ever! He has challenged us to share the Gospel, to strangers, every week. It has been a struggle for me. I tend to be shy around people i do not know well. But I feel the Lord is blessing me as I strive to loosen my tongue. I have been trying to pray every day with real intent. I feel my Heavenly Father listening to me. It is the greatest experience. I also attend the Santee 4th Singles Branch every week. Between Philmont and my mission I have been able to work closely with my Dad. We are working on fixing the trellis in our front yard that is partially rotten. I am so grateful for my family and I feel as I live the Gospel that I am closer to my family and my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to serve the people of Albuquerque.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

I've always heard that all worthy and able young men ages 19-25 are asked to go on a mission. Generally young male missionaries serve for two years.The women are encouraged but do not have the same obligation to go on a full time mission as men are. Women if they so wish to serve a full time mission can serve after they are 21 and generally serve for 18 months. Those who are not physically or are mentally able to serve missions can serve a service mission which normally is local and for a shorter time. Every member has the responsibly to share the gospel with members, inactive members, neighbors and friends. I am excited to serve a full time mission and I am close to submitting the paperwork necessary to receive a call. Show more Show less