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Hi I'm Elizabeth Latey

I live in Philadelphia. I'm a Mom, avid reader, lover of culture, runner, and pretty good cook! And ... I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a college graduate, attended both Penn State and BYU, graduating with my bachelor's in English. I absolutely love to curl up with a good book and cannot walk away from a booksale or bookstore without making at least one purchase ... or more! One of my life's dreams would be to be a children's author and to read my books to children; passing along my passion for good literature! I'm married to my bestest friend, Matt, and together we raise our 4 children. We love passionate political discussions around the dinner table, spending time outdoors together, and playing fierce games of fooseball! I love to cook & EAT, which is how I fell in love with running--to burn the calories I love to eat! :) I love the quiet of a run, just my thoughts and nature. When I ran a half marathon in gorgeous Lancaster, Pennsylvania, last year, I felt on top of the world! After all, if I can finish 13.1 miles, what can't I do? I'm not fast, not even close, but that's not why I run. I run because I love how it feels. I love beauty, the kind that reaches within and resonates. It can be the grandeur of nature or the inspiring work of a person--when it's real beauty, it transcends language/time, and connects us to something incredible.

Why I am a Mormon

Living by gospel principles is the only way I have found to have peace in my life. The world is so chaotic and frantic--everyone pulling and tugging my attention in one direction or another. The deep peace of living close to my Saviour makes the broken parts of my soul whole. There is a freedom that comes from understanding my purpose here in this life. I KNOW I am an eternal being having a brief mortal experience. Somehow, that knowledge makes the difficulties of raising a special needs child, of raising ALL my children, more easy to bear. Knowing that we are all, each of us, here to learn to be like Jesus Christ, to return to be with Him, helps me to be compassionate with other people. Everyone has something hard in their life. Everyone has been hurt. To know that we are all brothers and sisters sharing this mortal experience, learning together to be like our Saviour gives a familial, loving connection to even the passer-by on the street. When I pray, when I spend time with the scriptures, I feel God's love and I see His hand guiding my life. I see so many little miracles that show me how intimately He knows my needs and is aware of me, His daughter. What strength this gives me--to know that God knows and loves me, imperfect, broken me. He knows my shortcomings, my weaknesses, and still LOVES me and WANTS me! And as I try to give my life over to His direction to follow my Saviour's example in saying, "Not my will, but thine be done." I am humbled and amazed at the grace He pours out on me and mine. My heart aches for those who feel alone, who struggle without the knowledge that God knows them, loves them, and has a purpose for them. He is there, waiting with arms outstretched, just pray and ask, He will answer.

How I live my faith

Right now I am serving as a public affairs specialist, but my happiest opportunities in serving in the Church have been with the children or the youth. Children because they are so direct, they love fiercely and completely and they KNOW that Jesus Christ loves them--and they own it! So many of us are afraid of standing tall in our self-knowledge that our Saviour loves us. Maybe we're afraid we'll offend someone because it's not 'socially acceptable' to acknowledge Christ as the center of our lives, but children have no qualms about that--they proudly let everyone know that they love their Saviour and He loves them. And the youth because THEY. ARE. INCREDIBLE. They are facing difficulties, stresses, and adversities that are so very heart-heavy, but they still shine with the goodness of their hearts. My teenage son had 2 suicides in his school this past year--TWO. Two young people who just couldn't carry their pain any further. The youth are facing incredible hardships, but they are so strong and their goodness is contagious--it makes me want to be a better person for knowing them. ... but I live my faith in so much more than just giving time serving my church, or even serving in my community. I live my faith with everything I have. I tried for many years to try to live by God's law and still have my own personal agenda ... it didn't work. It wasn't until I committed to doing EVERYTHING He asked of me that I realized how much better His way is than my own. Am I perfect? Not even close ... luckily, Heavenly Father doesn't ask me to BE perfect ... He just asks me to try and leave the rest to my Saviour.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Elizabeth Latey
If Heavenly Father is the Father of each of us, wouldn't He want ALL of His children to be with Him again? What about those who never had the chance to know about Him? What about those who couldn't understand His goodness because life's circumstances were too difficult to allow them to see beyond their difficulties? Shouldn't a loving God give every person a chance to know Him? Baptism for the dead is an act of love done for those who have gone before. It is not a forced membership into the Mormon Church, rather it is an opportunity for someone who died without knowing Christ to come to know Him and His teachings. To learn for themselves and to accept or reject for themselves. When we are baptized for the dead, we are acting in behalf of someone who didn't have the chance to fully accept the gospel while alive. Thus, they have the opportunity to receive Christ's gospel and to decide for themselves, rather than have their mortal life's circumstances decide their eternal fate. Show more Show less