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Hi I'm Natalie

I am a Freshman at Brigham Young University. I love playing volleyball. I love cooking and eating food. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a twin. I have two brothers and one sister. My mom's family is all LDS but my dad's side of the family is Catholic. I get both perspectives of the worlds technically, but I love spending time with all of them. I live in Provo, Utah because I go to school here at Brigham Young University but I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I am planning on serving a mission in June or July, depending on when I get my call! I love being outside and playing something or going out on the weekends. I have family on the East Coast and on the West Coast. My favorite place to go is to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with my family and cousins. The beach is what I look forward to all year. I also love New York City and shopping. A good bowl of pasta, New Jersey or New York pizza, and cannolis will make me happy. I love my Italian heritage and the history of my ancestors in Italy. I also enjoy hearing stories and learning more about my family and the trails they went through so that I can live on this Earth today. I look up to my older brother, he has been my idol ever since I was little and I always have tried to live up to him. I am outgoing, fun, and I love food, family and spending quality time with the people I care about.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a LDS family, but my dads side is all Catholic. Setting an example to my family and others is always what I strive to do. I like being a leader and have people appreciate me for how I act and what I choose to do. Whenever I do the right things, I always feel happier and better. I feel love from my Heavenly Father I just feel better in all aspects of my life. That can go for anybody even if they aren't LDS, but the benefits from the gospel will always affect you and others around you. Reading my scriptures, praying every day, and smiling every day is my goal to be happy and successful in the gospel and in my life.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by showing love to those around me, whether it be through a hug or a phone call or a little a t of service. I also like to follow the Strength of Youth pamphlet. Even though I am in college now and technically an adult, everyone can follow the teachings that are taught and displayed in that pamphlet. Even though it is hard to live that way and make decisions like that in this world today, I always find the blessings in my life that follow the good decisions I make. Sometimes those blessing can be just a really good feeling, or being happy and full of light. Being a teenager in an area that did not have a lot of LDS people was really hard, but as I look back on that I know that I learned so much and that I was blessed even more for not following the crowd and participating in the worldly activities. Knowing that you won't conform and keep to your standards before the problem is confronted to you is always a sure way to maintaining your faith. Always be yourself and know what is right. Usually what your conscience tells you is the right thing to do, is the right thing to do, but also listen to your heart and the Spirit!

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Not everyone is required to serve a mission in our church. A mission is a voluntary act of service where the person going on a mission does not get paid. It is a Priesthood responsibility to go on a mission for men, but if someone is incapable on going on a mission, they are not punished for that. The church provides a lot of opportunities to serve a mission. There are different types of missions that are compatible for many people. Men can leave on their mission at age 18, and women can leave when they are 19 years old. However, there are also missions that older couples can serve together. Men serve for a period of 2 years and women serve for a period of 18 months. Any one can be a missionary, in my opinion. I am a missionary to my friends who are Non-LDS because sometimes I share what I believe with them. Just because I am not called to be a missionary and serve The Lord, I can still be a missionary to those around me. Show more Show less