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Hi I'm Iris

I'm a Mormon from the Philippines!

About Me

Growing up in the church was both a challenge and a blessing. My testimony of the gospel didn't come all at once. I grew up in a small town where a very few members were hardly even found. It was the time when "Mormons" or LDS was scarcely even heard of. It was especially hard to nourish the testimony of a girl who knew so little about the gospel. The only thing I knew as a child was the story of Joseph Smith and that if we die righteously on Earth, we get to live on the sun and not burn (literally taking Celestial Kingdom as the sun). With the help of my loving parents, I was able to keep the standards taught in my youth. When I moved away for college, that's when everything started to fall apart. I became exposed to the world. I started making poor choices which ultimately led to my unhappiness. The more I embraced the outside world, the more accepted I felt. But I became terribly unhappy at some point. I knew I needed to change but I didn't know how. I tried changing on my own but none of my efforts worked. Then I realized that if I really wanted to improve my life, I needed to team up with the Lord. Doing what I needed to do, the Lord did indeed lift me up from the deep. Now, I'm one of the happiest people alive. I was able to serve an honorable mission. I now serve in a calling where I can constantly remind a group of young women their true identity. I enjoy the company of friends who sustain my faith. Echoing the words of Alma, "my soul is pained no more."

Why I am a Mormon

The best part about being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is knowing that whatever lies ahead, wherever I may be, and however cruel the world is, I can still move forward with gratitude and faith because of the great plan of happiness provided by a loving Heavenly Father. I see life the way it is - a life for us to prepare to live eternally with our Heavenly Father and our family. I know of no other religion that teaches that doctrine so clearly. I know of no other religion that teaches so purely and reverently the atonement of Jesus Christ and its eternal effect on the whole human race, giving hope to those who have already lost it, strengthening the weak and the afflicted and healing the broken hearted. And perhaps the only religion that assures and reassures the resurrection of the dead. I know of no other religion that gives a profound answer to three of life's greatest questions: "Where did I come from?", "What is the purpose of my existence?", and "Is there life after death?" We live in a time where a Godless society is moving away from faith in the Almighty. We face challenges both economically and spiritually on both sides. But with the knowledge I have of the plan of salvation, I have become more and more happy and optimistic about life. I have become more able to share my light to the world. Every time I read the scriptures, I discover more about myself and my true potential and I have learned to trust my Savior. Everything He said would happen, did happen. I know with great faith that He meant it when He said, "I will not leave you comfortless." I could never live a trial-free life nor can any man but I know I can live a meaningful life when I follow the Savior's example.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being an example to my friends and those around me. I enjoy sharing the gospel to other people both members and non-members. I find great strength in choosing the Lord above any other things.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Latter-day saints do not worship Joseph Smith. We thank him and are grateful for him because through him, we have come to know of the true nature of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ - the true God we worship. We recognize him as an ally to the Lord in restoring His everlasting gospel. Through Him, millions of people around the globe now have a special relationship with the Savior because we know of our importance to Him. Joseph Smith's experience at the grove gave us an understanding that Heavenly Father loves us and answers the prayers of those who seek Him. Show more Show less