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Hi I'm Sara

I'm an actress, singer, and dancer. I love to write. I'm a dyslexic. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was little, my parents divorced. I went through a lot of want other kids with divorced parents go through 'if they loved me, why did they leave?'. Growing up was hard. It was all about Daddy-Daughter things and my dad wasn't around. As I grew older I began to understand that was their personal choice and nothing I could do, especially as a small baby. It still hurts sometimes, but I feel I've become stronger and much more independent because of it. Music is my passion. I love listening to it, I love playing it, and I love recording it. I play clarinet and have self-taught myself piano and guitar. My main instrument is my voice however. Ever since I was little, I always took any chance I could to sing. Whether it was on stage infront of hundreds or at a small scale talent show, I just loved doing it. Sometimes I think it's funny, being as I have an unusually large case of stage fright, but I guess it's my way of showing myself nothing can hold me back if I don't let it. Writing has always been my way of expressing myself. I've always had a way with words on paper. Face-to-face the power seems to fail. It's as if I was molding wet claw. Easy, and the end could be limitless. However, Spell Check and I seem to have problems with each other. Usually spelling something wrong and it correcting me or spelling something right and it STILL corrects me. The love-hate relationship continues to this day.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up as an LDS member in some ways were easy. You are taught from an easy age what is wrong (ex. sticking gum in someone's hair you don't life) and what is right (ex. helping someone pick up something they dropped). You are taught an easy moral code to keep you away from addictions and unnessicary health problems caused by your own actions. You are taught how ro stand strong and stand up for what you believe, and still be tolerant of someone elses beliefs. In others, it's very hard. A convert always seems to have this amazing story of why they are a member, something that seems no one else can even try to deny. When you're born in the church, you have to build that kind of knowledge from scratch. I started exploring other religions, asking people questions about their beliefs every chance I got. No matter how many people I asked it always seemed there was something... missing, i guess. Like how some believed a great and benevolent God would not allow someone to come into heaven if they were not baptised on this earth, even if they were on a small island no one had ever gone to where, that church hadn't been established and they lived an extremly righteous life. In the end, I just knew without room for doubt that this was the right church. I know because of the people, especially the youth. Teenagers, offering up their Saturdays to do work for the elderly or helping their parents by watching their siblings or even just following directions and rules! What kind of miracle is that? I know God loves everyone and He is watching over us, even in our darkest hour.

How I live my faith

The best way I try to show my faith is just being happy. Smiling, even though it may be hard, is the best way to do. An old quote explains that by just the act of smiling, eventually you won't just have to fake them, it'll just be natural to smile and be happy. I've been trying this out for the past few months and it really works. You stop feeling upset all the time, and soon you start having other optimistic qualities, like seeing the good in others, and wanting to find ways to lift THEIR burden. It makes those around you feel better when they see you with a sincere smile and there seem to be people coming out of the wood works when you, yourself need help or just emotional support. I know that this world is cruel and unforgiving 99% of the time, but just having and smiling face can help you see the bright side to that 99%

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

My true belief is because it is a religion not just for Sunday. We live our religion day to day, not just for a few hours on Sunday. This seems foreign to many people and they refer to it as a cult because people have never liked what they don't understand. Truthfully, our moral standings are on a much more personal level than a "cult". There people are told to do it or they will recieve extreme punishments from church officals. We give guidelines, but allow peope to choice their own path. Church officals give no punishments. However, they do warn that you can't pick up just one end of a stick, their is always going to be consiquences, whether good or bad. Show more Show less