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Hi I'm Rachel

I am a cancer survivor. I love to be artistic. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student just waiting for the next chapter in my life to begin. I feel I'm pretty average and get along with everyone. I love photography, digital or black&white film. I enjoy capturing the unnoticed beauty of the world. I find photoshop and the darkroom very calming haha. Going to art hops/galleries is something I aboslutely love. I could spend my entire day critiquing art and trying to figure out what the artist is feeling or trying to portray. I wish I could be better at painting hehe. I love the ocean! Sand volleyball, swimming, and surfing are my favorite sports. And you cannot forget music and dancing, because without it life would be miserable. I love all music, litterally. Singing along in the car is the best :) I am the youngest of 6 kids, and when I found out I had cancer at 18 yrs old it was hard on my whole family. I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma and withdrew myself from my first semester in college. With no school, no job, no hair, no physical strength... I was left with nothing, so it seemed. It was then that I discovered how powerful love truly is. The love of my family and friends, and even more, the love of my Heavenly Father pulled me through. It's in my lowest lows when I have felt God's love the most, as I turn to Him in prayer. I know that He is aware of me; I am His daughter. Looking back, I am so grateful for that experience. I grew so much in patience and compassion and faith. I am stronger because of it; I am a cancer survivor!

Why I am a Mormon

In the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have learned the fullness of Christ's gospel. I know where I came from before this mortal life, why I am here, and where I could go after this life. I can see the big picture, and even though it is still a little fuzzy there is ALWAYS answers to my questions. As I study the Bible and Book of Mormon side by side, my understanding of what Heavenly Father expects of us grows clearer. I know who I am, I know Christ is my Savior, and I know the path in which to take to live with God and my family again forever. There is nothing more precious than that knowledge. This gospel is all about the family. The more I follow the teachings of acient and modern day prophets, the happier I am. As I pray to know whether these teachings are ture, I feel God's love surround me; I feel my chest swell with warmth, and I get chicken skin from head to toe. God truly answers prayers in a way we will recognize them. Why I'm a Mormon didn't happen all at once. It is through the many spiritual moments I have experienced throughout my life that keeps me anchored in this religion. My testimony has grown so much in the validity of what I have learned through the years, and it continues to grow. There is so much more to understand. And as I learn, it's understandable; it all makes so much sense. I am Mormon because I feel peace, love, and hope. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that Joseph Smith was called of God in these last days to help Christ restore His church to the earth again in its fullness with the Priesthood authority. I have read the Book of Mormon several times through, and I felt the power its pages contain. It was truly written by accient prophets as was the Bible. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet for the world today. He is a righteous man that helps keep truths anchored in a world of shifting values. To put it simply: I am blessed and have seen miracles in day to day life because I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

The more you believe, the more it should become a part of who you are and what you do and want to become. I am not perfect, but by doing my best to apply what I learn in church, I am progressing towards perfection. I try my best to be a good friend, an honest employee, and a loving sister, daughter, and autie. I fall short everyday but I see improvement, and I know that is because of Jesus Christ. His atonement/sacrafice is real. As I live my faith, pray to God and study His word daily, Christ is able to heal my wounds and strengthen my weaknesses. I recently returned home from a 18 month mission to the Hawaiian Islands. Serving a full-time mission was the best decision I could have made. Everyday, 24/7 doing the Lord's work brings such sweet joy to the soul, and my faith grew ten fold as I watched blessings pour into the lives of the people that were embracing the teachings of Christ. People truly can change as they rely on the Lord. I witnessed miracles and felt God's love for ALL of His children. I just love the local people of Hawai'i! Now that I am home, I am one of the Activities Co-Chairs for my congregation/ward consisting of 18 to 31 year old single adults. We're like a family and have so much fun together! There are activites and events every week in which I get to help and oversee the committees involved. Planning, organizing, and reaching out to others is what I enjoy doing. I know that is was my Heavenly Father who placed me in this specific position to serve those around me. This church also has a great support system in which the women of the ward/congregation are paired up and go out and visit other women within the ward. Everyone visits and everyone gets visited. It's a way for us to be there for each other when life gets challenging, and we always share uplifting messages to strengthen our testimonies. It amazes me at how orgainzed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints truly is. It is such a blessing.