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Hi I'm Brad

I grew up in Utah, USA. I graduated from Medical School, serve in the Army, and am an Ophthalmology resident Doctor. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a family with 6 kids, and as the middle child, I loved every minute of it! I always loved learning about and trying a little bit of everything. My broad interests (and being a Boy Scout) led me to enjoy anything outdoors, such as camping, hiking, canyoneering, biking, skiing, etc. I also love watching and playing sports, soccer, basketball, football, tennis, golf, etc. In high school I enjoyed performing in choir and musical theater, and now enjoy the thrill of seeing the show from the seats. I have a hard time walking away from a good movies, and when school lets me read something other than texts, I can't book the books down. I enjoy people. I like being around them, hearing their stories, and finding out who they are. Finding ways to help others has always made me happy. Wanting to be able to do these things on a daily basis led me to pursue a career in Medicine. Life is not always easy, and Medical School rarely was, but I know all things are possible with the Lord. And the hard work and sacrifices are worth it. I am currently doing my residency in Ophthalmology and feel blessed to be able to help others, while providing for a family which I hope to have someday. I also am a member of the Army National Guard and get to help those who serve in the military.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church and practicing the Gospel always held a prominent place in our home growing up. My parents loved the Gospel and sought every opportunity to teach us by word and example what it meant to them. Of course with six kids and varying staging of rebelliousness, this often took heroic efforts. However, they never gave up. It was this upbringing that instilled within me memories of peace and happiness, reassurance and joy as I learned to live the Gospel. When it came time for me to make my own decisions, I sought to know for myself if what I had learned and lived growing up was indeed true, and was what God wanted for me. I remember praying often and feeling like I was not receiving or understanding the answers. Over a course of months of doing this, I slowly began to see the answers revealed to me through thoughts, scriptures that I read that had a profound impact, and through experiences with people around me. I began to understand that God had been answering my question the entire time, in the same way He had already taught me and given me happiness, that is little by little, line upon line, brush stroke by brush stroke until I could see the picture He was painting. I knew that the Church is True, that Jesus is the Christ and my Savior, and that God is my father and loves me. All this had grown within me little by little, and would continue to do so in the same way as long as I continued to nurture it. This early experience blessed my life immensely in later years, when options to do all sorts of things became readily available. I saw many of my close friends choose different paths. However, the more I have learned about the Gospel and striven to incorporate the teachings into my day to day life, I have continued to find increasing amounts of happiness and success. It has helped me in my personal life to find peace, in school to excel, and have confidence in life. I have also seen it change the lives of those around me.

How I live my faith

I spend the majority of my time with school/work and church. I love Sundays! It's the day I take off from studying for school and get to find rejuvenation in spiritual learning. Attending church to worship helps me put life into perspective, recognize what I can do better, and helps me prepare for the upcoming week. During medical school a number of responsibilities in our congregation. I was the activities coordinator for for a year. We had a lot of fun, and faith building experiences! For 2 1/2 years I was the secretary to our Bishop and was able to attend his meetings and communicate with other members in our congregation. While many commented that the time I spent was a significant sacrifice and lost study time, I feel it not only uplifted me spiritually but also gave me insight and abilities to better perform scholastically. Today I teach our Gospel Principles class for new members and those coming to learn more about the church. I also get to visit a number of other members each month to teach a lesson and ask how they are doing. I most thoroughly enjoy the time I get to spend with Missionaries, who teach others about the church, and share what it has done in my life. The time I spend at church is only a part of how I live my faith. Personally I strive to learn about the teachings and attributes of Jesus Christ. I try to follow His example by developing more love for others, performing service for others, and repenting of the many imperfections in my life. It is such a blessing to be able to change! I love the peace that comes from Repentance, or changing something in my life that is not aligned with the commandments of God. Reading the scriptures, praying to God, and acting with faith strengthens me each day. I know we can do all things with the help of the Lord!