Rachel: Mormon.

Hi I'm Rachel

About Me

Currently I live in San Mateo,Rizal.My work now is in a real estate company.When I stopped college in 2003 I became independent,i started to find a job and live on my own.i learned in the church for being self-reliant.My parents became member in the church since 1984,I'm born year 1986.I'm just college under grad.but have a good job,thats how tithing can do.About my hobbies,I love to sing,I joined The jubilee Choir.I love playing with the little children,I love to read Church magazines like Liahona,Ensign,The Friend and the Scriptures.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized May 22, 1994.I was eight.Me and my family live far way from the Church.When its saturdays Me and my brother,sister,and cousins began to walk for almost 45 kilometers just to reach in the city,so that we could go the Church in sunday.Even if I'm still young that time I know in my heart and mind that we are following The Lord wants us to do.I love the Gospel so much.And I'm so glad that i belong to the TRUE CHURCH,The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints.Being a mormon is complete.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

When I'm in trouble He is there to prompt what is the right things to do.It was in my teenager age,I was in hurry to get to the seminary class,the class start very early in the morning.I left home 4:00am when I'm in the road i quickly get to the motorcycle.There was two guys after me.when in its dark road closer to the Church one guy said that they're not going to drop me in the church.I was so nervous and hear a still small voice saying that i need to get out to the motorcycle.Until i said to the one guy(the driver) to drop me in the church but he did'nt listen instead driving too fast.I carried my sriptures and bags and jump to the road,my knees were bleeding I stand up and run fast to the gate in the church and ask for help.Glad that brother Deguzman was there but the two guys are gone.Until now,I can still remember what happened,I thank The Holy ghost for being there for me always.

How I live my faith

I was baptized and race a good daughter of my loving parents. Right now my calling is Laurel Adviser/Teacher,I teach 13-17 yrs.old young women.I love my calling because i remember when i was in their age.