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Hi I'm Richard Cosky

I'm a Mormon. I am a convert that survived two wives whom tragically I lost to cancer.

About Me

I am an aeronautical engineer and pilot by training. At age 22, my wife and I became converts to the Church, but within 8 years, I lost my wife to breast cancer leaving behind our 3 boy's ages 2, 5 & 8. During that awful period, I was inspired and given the gift of knowledge to make a lifelong study of alternative & complementary medicine, to help others suffering the same situation. I pursued a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Herbology, so that I could help educate others find a more efficacious, non-toxic approach to curing cancer and other physical maladies. I remarried and received the blessing of converting my new wife and two teenage children into the Church. We then gave birth to a daughter to create the "Brady Bunch." Thirty- two years later my second wife was struck with brain cancer. The inspirational drive to make a life-long quest of studying alternative cancer treatment, paid off. Through totally natural means, the glioblastoma multiform brain cancer was halted in its tracks and started to reverse. Unfortunately, she was overcome by a blood clot in the leg that broke lose and caused a pulmonary embolism that took her life in December 2012.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a teenager, I had attended other churches, primarily because I was courting girls of those faiths. I refused to be baptized by any, even if it meant sacrificing my relationships. I later married and moved to our first home. My wife, Darlene, was befriended by a neighbor. Unbeknownst to me, my wife began attended Mormon Relief Society, a women's compassionate organization in the Church. I was "blown away" with all the homemaking skills and emergency preparedness tips she was acquiring. I asked if she was l learning all this from Oprah? No, she said, I am going with Mary Ann to her Church and they teach these skills to all the women. What church would that be, I asked? She said, the Mormon Church. I went berserk and forbade her to go to that Church, as I had attended a college class on religion and learned all about the Mormons. Unfortunately, what I didn't know at that time was, the teaching were totally false and perverted. So my wife told her friend of my account and was promptly informed of the erroneous information. So, my wife arranged to have the Mormon missionaries visit to set the record straight. I was beside myself in a rage when she informed me about their impending visit, but she prevailed much to my objection and angst. When the missionaries arrived I was shown a film called Christ in the Americas - I had never heard that Christ visited the Americas. After the film the missionaries asked if I would like to receive follow up non-obligatory lessons to learn more. My brain and mouth formed the word "NO," but what came out instead was "OK." What did I just say; I can't believe I just said OK. I had no intention of taking any lessons, but after learning the Joseph Smith story and the restoration and translation of the Book of Mormon, I asked my Heavenly Father if the book and what the missionaries taught were in fact true. It was a bolt of lightning to my mind and heart of undeniable knowledge and power that left me in a stupor of wonderment.

How I live my faith

I now teach members of the Church and others about the healing gift of the "herbs of the fields" provided by a loving and nurturing Heavenly Father for the benefit of mankind, whereby we can have help to repair and sustain our physical temples as well as our spiritual state. I am convinced there is no physical disease or ailment that cannot be overcome by the gifts of nature that have been provided to us on this planet. I am overcome and humbled at the endless blessings that have been provided by Heavenly Father, both physically and spiritually that are unknown to the world in general.