joe: Mormon.

Hi I'm joe

About Me

hi i'm a 4th generation grain farmer in eastern NC. turned 45 on 10/28 and was baptized into the LDS Church the same day in 2011.

Why I am a Mormon

i attended the local Baptist Church as a child & teen, and then visited many other denominations never understanding the concepts they put forth? My Mother passed in '08 and i began a sincere search for truth. i researched the LDS Church for 1.5 years before asking Heavenly Father if what i had learned was truthful? i didn't meet with the Elders until i was ready to be Baptized. it came very easy & made sense to me. having studied the history of Bible in this search for truth, helped me accept the truth of the LDS faith which beforehand i was mostly ignorant of even though we had some neighbors who where members growing up? we just never exchanged our religious views and i today believe it happened when Heavenly Father intended for it to.

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

My 85 year old Father had never been Baptized, cause as he said......when he was young all the older women of the community chased him around to be Baptized, and he didn't understand why.......after i was Baptized into the LDS Church a few months, my Dad asked me which Church should he be Baptized in, cause his Wife/my Moma had been Baptized in a Baptist Church early in her life. I got the Bible out and we read Hebrews 5:1-5 together and i explained to him why the LDS Church held this authority. I then suggested that he pray to Heavenly Father and ask of him which Church he would chose for him. a few months Later, out of the blue my Dad told me he was ready to be Baptized! I asked what Church had he chosen, and he answered "The Mormon Church".........what a relief & gift from God above! he was Baptized on Mar 21, day after the 4th anniversary of his Wife's/our Mother's passing with all his 4 children in attendance. And when he was confirmed the next Sunday, i know my Mother was there with us as it was the most spiritual experience i have ever experienced in my life!

How I live my faith

Being practically new to the "Church", i am still learning how the Church is organized & how it operates. I continue to search & dig for truth through reading, watching & listening to Hugh Nibley and many other Mormon Scholars talks, Mormon Channel Radio Shows & BYU TV/Radio and attending Sunday meetings.