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Hi I'm Alexander

I enjoy the little things in life, I like to pretend that I can play the rockin' guitar, and best of all; I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I was raised in Idaho. My experiences in my short 20 years of life have been pretty small for the most part. The greatest thing I have done with my life is the decision to serve a missin. I'm a full time missionary in the Louisiana Baton Rouge mission. I'm really outgoing. I love to play the guitar, write music, camp, read, snowboard, help people, and I really love being goofy with my friends! Being goofy is a defiantly my favorite part about life! I have the most awesome parents in the world and five great siblings. I also have the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for. All these people have been an example to me, and who have helped me develop into the person I am now. I can honestly say that my relationship with God & with the people in my life are really what matters most to me. A few more random things about me: I like beanies. I have a dream of being a seminary teacher, a rock-star, or a farmer. I like to keep things simple for the most part (Mormon.org profiles are NOT one of those things...). I like ice-cream, and I'm a sucker for Reese's peanut-butter cups! I'm a strong believer that you can be happy no matter what's going on in your life, and your circumstances don't determine your happiness.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church, & was blessed with two very faithful parents, who taught me & raised me in the church. But all that aside; it all boils down to gaining this knowledge by diligent study & by faith. Through constant study of the Book of Mormon, through prayer, & faith in my personal Savior, -Jesus Christ- I have come to know by the Power of the Holy Ghost that the true & everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth; that God is my loving Heavenly Father, & His Son Jesus Christ suffered for my sins & is my personal Savior. I have been challenged & my faith has been tested many times in my life, but I have always held fast to the scriptures, & to my personal experiences & testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ, I know this gospel and church are true. The questions: 'Where did we come from?' 'Why are we here?' & 'Where are we going.' Are answered in our Church. It is called the Plan of Salvation, and it gives me peace knowing my purpose in life; where I came from, why I'm here, and where I'm going. So much consolation and peace comes from these precious truths. Not to many people have such a clear view about their identity & their purpose, & I'm grateful to know these things. Also, the assurance that God is ever mindful of us, -his children- by calling Prophets like he did in biblical times. It gives me peace in knowing that God is actively engaged in my life through personal revelation, & through His Prophets.

How I live my faith

Before applying the principles of the Restored Gospel I wasn't happy. I was active in church & not in it's teachings. (There is a big difference.) I went to church every Sunday, and went through the motions, but there was something missing. I was always looking for "Happiness", but I could never find it. I was constantly looking for something new and exciting to fill the void, but it was always fleeting. Enough was never enough. I was never satisfied with ANYTHING. I was lacking purpose in my life.The World offers us so many things with the promise that they will make us happy, but it's not lasting happiness. I now know that by living the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ brings true happiness. I have true and lasting joy in Jesus Christ and His Gospel. There is no substitute for finding happiness. Living the gospel is a life long process. Discipleship is striving to do the things that Jesus Christ has told us to do, and following His example. It's that simple! It's every second of every day, constantly striving to make right choices. Through constant prayer, scripture study, service, following the promptings of the Holy Ghost & applying Christ's teachings is how it's done. And I know (because of experience) that His path is the one that brings happiness, purpose, & true joy. I know that God lives, & loves me, I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer, & that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the Lords kingdom here upon the earth today.

What is the priesthood?

The Presthood is the authority of God given to man to act in Gods name. Show more Show less