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Hi I'm Corinna

I grew up in Salcha, Alaska. I drove semi-trucks for 12 years and now sing opera. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints in 1999. I love playing with children, the piano, singing, sewing, cooking and love classic car! I like to drive fast! I am generally very quiet and contemplative at home. I am out going and full of life around other people. I love writing stories. One of the greatest things that helps bring peace into my life is the out doors! I love nature!

Why I am a Mormon

I asked for a bible and the missionaries showed up to my door. I thought I was going to get it mailed to me, but I get personal service. I mattered enough to get a personal visit! I asked what the book of Mormon was one time while visiting with my new found friends. I had so much in common with the missionaries and I looked forward to when they would visit me! I was told that the Book of Mormon was another testimony that Jesus is the Savior of the world. Made sense to me! I was told about the Sacred Grove and the moment I saw the picture of the First Vision, I burst into tears. I didn't know why this hit me so hard, but at that very moment I knew, I knew that this was true. What they were telling me was true! I felt an overwhelming peace and joy at the same time! How could a picture do this to me, and then it dawned on me. It was not a picture that was making me so happy and full of gratitude, it was God. The Holy Spirit ! Satan can not duplicate Peace, this I knew. I was taught more about this vision and why it was so important. I eagerly got baptized as soon as possible! I was so happy to have found the truth at last! I had no idea that God was leading me to this very moment all my life, I just knew something was not complete, and now I am complete! I have the Holy Spirit to guide me and I will try and do my best every day to show God & Jesus how very thankful I am by living as an example and following all his commandments, just my way of saying THANK YOU!

How I live my faith

I go to church every Sunday, and I serve several women in the church as a helper when ever they have a need. I have served as an activities director and I learned so much more than I gave. I learned to be a better listener and leader. I have also served as a librarian, and that too proved to teach me more on my patience & ability to organize a team. I love all the service projects that I have been blessed to participate in for those in need in my community. It feels so good to show the Love of God that is in me... I can't help it, when there is a need I just find a way to fill it! God is always more generous with his blessings than that of any time scarifies that I give. I heard a great man say that it is only a sacrifice if you give more than you receive. I find that when I do God's work or do service in my church callings, I always get far more than I gave. I enjoy the feeling more than watching TV or self service any day! I pay my tithing, and at least one time a month I fast & pray for someone who I love. I do not drink alcohol or black tea. I do not do drug of any sort, and I do not smoke anything. I wear modest clothing and do my best to live as Christ would have me live. I love all people, no matter where they are in this life, they are my family regardless! I live for my future-life in Heaven with God, that is what keeps me positive in spite of trials, and happy in spite of great tragedies. I do not live life for me, I live life to over come the trials of this life and be of greater good for God and my eternal family.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

I am a Mormon, and I help anyone who is in need to the very best of my ability. If Jesus loves us all, and God is no respecter of persons, then so do I. I truly do not care what someone looks like, what nationality, what religion or age. We are all children of our Heavenly Father, therefore the way I see it, we are a very large family spread out over all the world & galaxy. I love my family, and will do what ever it is that will be good for my family, the people I love! Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

I know that when our mortal physical bodies no longer are able to serve us, our spirits live on! I know that the Holy Bible & all the Scriptures speak of Spiritual Prison & Spiritual Paradise. These come before Judgement day for all Souls. I know that even Spiritual Prison is far better & peaceful than here on earth in this mortal existence. We go to the prison, not bars & closed in rooms, but separated from those that have been baptized. Think about it, if you and someone you love deeply both die and you are not baptized but they were, wouldn't be separated from them feel like prison? I know it would to me! I know that if we are baptized with the true authority given from God, not man, that we go directly to Paradise to await Judgement from God. If you repent & are baptized and continually do your best to live as Christ would have you live, there is nothing bad to judge you for, and you will be rewarded for the good that you did . This goes for every soul that has or ever will live. If you are not baptized then you have not been forgiven of your sins, because you have not received the payment of your debt of sin from Christ . This means you will be separated from those that were baptized and you will be judged for your sins that had not been forgiven, and you will also be rewarded for all you good deeds . So, what happens to us after we die is all dependent on what we choose while we are alive in this mortal state. I am going to Paradise, meet me there! Show more Show less