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Hi I'm Donna Joy

Hi, I'm a Mormon. I love learning new things, so back to school at 50 I became a nurse. Also, love music, babies, and genealogy.

About Me

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to learn and wants to get a lot done. Since we have a large family and many grandchildren, keeping up with them and taking opportunities to share our lives is important to me. We attend the grandchildren's concerts, sporting, dancing and story-telling activies and our monthly family brithday party. I also love music and sports and have participated in them throughout my life. I love to be associated with people, so with my husband I have keep involved in volunteer efforts, started a empty-nester's group, and work in political affairs and at the election polls. Attending community drama, musical events, parades and other events is enjoyable. We also travel once in awhile by car or cruise. Learning about other cultures and people and history is exciting to me and helps my view of life. I love learning about my ancesters, especially the last few years and am writing histories on my grand parents and g-grandparents with pictures. Learning the computer is a challenge, but so rewarding. I love genealogy research, too. It's like solving a mystery - only better because I'm related to the ancestors I find who all have a story to tell. Reading biographies is uplifting and entertaining to me because I can learn about what other people and their experiences. I love reading the scriptures, because there is so much to learn from th past. I'm grateful to live at a time when so much is available to us and we are free to chose.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in an LDS family, but my father was never active. In fact, he chose to ridicule and persecute my mother who was a member of the LDS church. I chose to be baptized at 8 years of age and go to church with my mom. Through years of continued experiences, I have become to converted to principles of the gospel through living the gospel daily. When I was young, I prayed that the Lord would stop the physical abuse my Mom was re be hoceiving and promised the Lord I would be honest. I saw changes in my family which resulted in us pulling together for happy life and my Mom was blessed with a good man who honored her and treated her kindly. I felt my prayer had been answered. As I grew and studied the gospel from all of the scriptures that we believe in, I found one gospel truth after another from which the Holy Ghost could teach me. I read the Book of Mormon when I was 14 years old. While reading about Christ's visit to America, feelings swelled up inside of me that I could not explaine and tears poured down my cheeks. I received assurance that those passages of scripture were true and felt at peace. In my later teens, I was challenged to ask God if the church was true and if Joseph Smith was a Prophet. I had never done that even though I felt assured about many gospel principles. So, after fasting one Sunday evening, I knelt to pray and asked Heavenly Father if Joseph was a prophet and if the church was really true. The next morning, I awoke to a voice in my head, "I know the church is true. I know the church is true." The whole day at school, I felt at peace - almost like being in a different world. When I asked Heavenly Father is my husband was the right man for me, only 36 hours after we met, I received an answer because of the circumstances I am sure. I knew!! So many years later, and with many more experiences of this nature, I have received a sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

My husband and I have been active many years in politics because we believe it is vital to keep our freedoms and it can only be done based on righteous principles. We also volunteer for a non-profit organization that sponsors uplifting activities for families, youth and children in agriculture, science, cooking, entertainment, etc. w In the church, we are assigned others to care for on a regular basis. I enjoy visiting women and sharing interests and am uplifted by some who are shut-in or sick as we share our lives. I've enjoyed teaching the youth because they love to learn. Recently I helped teach music to children under 8 and loved their desire to learn. Music is uplifting and talks to the spirit. Leading choirs of children and adults has been an enjoyable experience for me. My husband and I recently spent 2 years teaching 8 teenagers and one adult how to play the piano and conduct music in the Dominican Republic. We were uplifted by their desire to learn and the gratitude they had for the privilege of having their own small piano (teclado) and receiving lessons. They all could play simple hymns. This was not an affordable privilege in their country as they are very poor. We also were able to microfilm hundreds of thousands records to preserve them for their country and people who want to know their ancestors. We learned so much from the people of the Dominican Republic. I have enjoyed helping others to live frugally by growing and processing their own food and using basic foods which can be stored. Because of our large family, we learned the best economical way to put food on the table and then we shared our knowledge and our excess food and still do. We have been counseled to have a years food supply on hand, so growing much of what we used for our large family was financially sound and healthy. We give 10% of our income as tithing and other donations for those who have needs. The blessing come back - we've never done without