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Hi I'm Rafe

I'm a Mormon. Just got back from my mission in Brazil, amazing, and now I am studying at BYU!

About Me

I am currently a student at Brigham Young University and am preparing to become a Dentist. I have always loved going to the dentist and people tell me I have big teeth so I thought perfect I will be a dentist! I am the third of seven kids to a beautiful single mom so yes, i have a big family, and I would not have it any other way. With big families comes two things a lot of fights and a lot of love that's what makes the journey so fun. We are all getting old now though and doing separate things so it's always a blessing when we get the whole family together. I enjoy doing any type of sport and i love swimming not particularly in pools but in rivers and streams and what not. I grew up in Idaho so that helped to have fun doing those kinds of things with my friends! I love having people around me and I love meeting new people, because through others we can trully feel the love of God! That's me!

Why I am a Mormon

It all starts when I was born into a Mormon family. I was raised and taught all the truths of the Church and always felt really good about them and comfortable in what I was doing, but testimonies aren't free they come with a little work. I was in high school playing on the JV football team and the runningback had been hurt so I left my normal position to play running back and I could tell that something wasn't right. Before the game I always prayed to God to help us all have a safe game, to help me relax, play well, and just have fun. This time though the feeling was different. So different that there was even a little tornado before the game delaying it an hour or so. The last things I can remember are the rain falling, the bright lights, and the crowd screaming as I caught the kick off and the game began! I woke up the next day in my bed without knowledge of how I got there or anything. I was told that I got a second degree concussion and was facing short term memory loss after a few days I began to get better and started to remember what I was doing each day, but never could remember the football game. Weeks later I was driving with one of my friends, his mother, and his little 6 year old brother. His mother began to ask me how I was doing and what my thoughts were about the injury and I told her I was doing well but was really sad that it all happened because I had prayed before asking for protection and then all this happened. At that point the little innocent 6 year old turned around looked me in the eyes and uttered to me the most powerful words that burned in my heart and changed my life forever he said, "If you didn't pray maybe something worse would have happened." Pretty simple but that's exactly what I needed! I had always been a good kid but from that moment I changed. I know now that God loves me and each of us. He has a perfect individual plan for us all! Jesus is the Christ! His gospel is the only way to recieve eternal joy in the presence of God!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being me! I love going to church talking to people going to activites and just having fun. I have been in teaching positions and love to serve and see people happy. The Gospel is a very serious thing because it is sacred, but the purpose of man is to serve one another progress through life's different experiences and have joy in all we do. What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to serve and teach someone about the love of God and the Atoning sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ and see that light shine within them as a peace and hope comes upon them for a better life one with purpose and true direction. The Gospel is trully lived in the service of others we cannot be happy if the people around us aren't so what do we do we share this blessing with everyone!