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Hi I'm Becky Ryan.

I grew up in Washington State. I'm an art student and I was converted to this church when I was in college. Oh, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a family of five, though my grandparents lived next door and took care of me most of the time. I loved to draw even from an early age. My parents not only noticed this love of drawing but the small amount of skill I had. They set me up with drawing classes and helped nurture my little gift. Flash forward to high school, my notes would be very nicely scribbled in the middle of the page and the sides plastered with sketches of anything I could see. That love of drawing only kept growing. Eventually giving up on a normal career, I decided I would be happier homeless and drawing passerby than with a big office job doing math (which I was only okay at). I kicked it into gear and moved to San Francisco deciding that if I was gonna do an art degree I was gonna do it right. I'm also kind of a nerd. I love video games. All through high school I played World of Warcraft like I needed it to breathe. (I was a Blood Elf Warlock, so cool, right?) I still play a lot, though different games. I'm really into games like League of Legends, Killing Floor, and PAYDAY2 right now. Hey, I warned you: SUPER NERD.

Why I am a Mormon

I wasn't always Mormon. My life used to be completely without God's love. I shoved Him out and tried to ignore Him. I guess you could say I believed that either God didn't care about any of us or He was dead. To come nowhere near close to describing how this affected me, I can simply say my life was empty. It got to a point where I just had nothing to live for. What was the point of it all? I didn't even care to find the answer. It got to be too much to handle. I can't handle life without Heavenly Father! How did ever think I could 'get by'? Realizing this, I decided to pray. Now, I'd prayed before, but I'd never actually thought about what I was saying. I never thought about God on the other end. I never needed an answer so badly before. It was kind of awkward at first, I'm not gonna lie. I hadn't talked to my Heavenly Father in so long that I didn't know what to say. So I told Him. I talked about what was wrong, how sorry I was for my life, how much I needed Him. I talked for a long time. I needed help. I don't remember a lot of specifics of that night but I do remember repeating, "Please, help me. Help me, I don't even know where to start." And you know what's awesome? Heavenly Father answered me. I felt His absolute love and understanding and patience and I knew, without a doubt, that someone was there beside me. To be honest it scared me at first. I had been talking out loud with my eyes closed and I thought some stranger had walked up to me. This feeling was so strong I thought a physical person was there! After a moment of shock, realizing that this, this beautiful thing, must be God, I kept talking. That night my companion was the Comforter and it was enough. But you know what? Heavenly Father doesn't work with 'enough'. He went one step further and sent Missionaries to my door the next day. They helped me find the truth and learn how I could get closer to my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful to have God in my life! He helped me. He'll answer you, too.

How I live my faith

I love this church! One of the biggest blessings in my life is being a Ward Missionary. I get to go out with all kinds of missionaries and share the Gospel with people like me. I used to think the same message over and over would get boring, like I would stop caring enough to share it, but I absolutely love it! Every time I share my testimony it only grows. I love knowing all that I do now in the church and am so excited for life. I only hope that I can give even a fraction of the happiness I have gained since I've been baptized. When I stop to think of all the people who don't have all that I have, those who are lost without God, I want to help. Just how I was once lost I want to help those who are seeking, like I did. It's the best work I could possibly do with my free time. In fact, I plan on going on a mission myself! When I was first baptized it seemed like such a crazy idea, like I would never know enough to even think of trying to teach. I've since realized that I can do so much! Even if I only knew one little thing and that thing was that God is real and alive and active in our lives, it would be enough! I'm working full time right now just to earn enough money. I can tell you that it's all worth it, giving up time with friends and family; and I haven't even gone yet! I am seriously so excited, I cannot tell you in words. If I can share this message with even one person then it will all have been worth it. To let you and everyone else know that Heavenly Father cares for you and wants to get to know you!

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Becky Ryan.
Heavenly Father loves us! He wants us to be with Him again in heaven. He doesn't want us to be confused or deceived. Ask Him to find the truth! He listens and He answers prayers. How wonderful to have a loving and kind Heavenly Father who listens! He is active in our lives and when you ask for truth He will answer you. Listen for the Holy Spirit. If you are sincere and listen for an answer you will experience the sweet feelings of the Spirit! Keep studying and reading the Book of Mormon. Be worthy so you can feel the influence of God. Don't doubt that He wants to help you. He's been reaching out to you for years, you only have to reach back. Show more Show less