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Hi I'm Martin

I'm a father of 4 children. I love Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. I love to sing. And...I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an only child, and my parents divorced when I was very young. I lived with my mom, and didn't even meet my dad in person till I was 18. It was strange, but we actually had a lot in common. Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer 20 years ago. My mom and I are still pretty close. Growing up, I was the loner kid who had very few friends, but that didn't matter to me because my mom taught me to believe in myself, and that it was better to have a few really close friends rather than a lot of acquaintances. I was big into comic books (especially X-Men), and sci-fi movies and TV shows. I guess you could call me a certified geek, because I still love sci-fi shows and comic books. I love music. There are only a few styles of music I'm not really into, I pretty much like it all. If you looked at my iPod, you'd find classical, jazz, pop, rock, country, alternative, and more. I also love to sing and have been told I have a wonderful voice. I've never recorded professionally, but I'd like to...at least once. My wife and I served in the same mission for the Church. We have 4 children that we're very proud of -- our oldest is getting ready to serve a mission of his own.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up with very little formal religious background, and we rarely went to church services, but my mom did her best to teach me morals, ethics, integrity, honesty, and all other Christian virtues. I also explored eastern religions and was open to anyone's thoughts and opinions. I called myself a "modified agnostic" -- I believed that there was a possibility of god, or gods, existing, but I had no personal witness for myself. I joined the Church in high school, thanks to my high school girlfriend. She was a member of the Church, and when we started dating, I got to know her family, and the Church. Everything about the Church just seemed so right for me, and matched a lot of what I already believed. One evening, while I was reading the copy of The Book of Mormon my girlfriend had given me, I looked up at the sun setting over the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and I realized that God existed, and that He had a plan for me. With the encouragement of my girlfriend and her family, and the blessing from my mom, I took the missionary discussions, prayed to know the truthfulness of the Gospel, and was baptized into the Church. I served a mission for the Church when I turned 19, because through prayer I knew that it was part of Heavenly Father's plan for me, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about the Church, and even about myself.

How I live my faith

Currently, I work for Deseret Book, the Church-owned bookstore. This gives me the opportunity to interact with many members of the Church. It's a great job, and I love it! It's such a pleasure to be in a positive environment every day, and be able to help Church members find church-related products that can enrich their lives, or make their lives more enjoyable. I get to share my beliefs sometimes that can also help other members of the Church. I'm also the choir director in our local ward (congregation). I was invited to be the choir director because of my love of music, and my experience in participating in multiple choirs throughout my life. I love to direct as much as I love to sing! I truly believe that when we sing praises to Heavenly Father, we're offering prayers unto Him. And if singing praises can touch the heart of even one listener, and inspire them, then it makes it all worthwhile.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

The same way I did. It's really quite simple -- you need to pray and ask God. But the keys are that you have to believe that God will answer your prayer, you have to really, truly want an answer, and that you're willing to follow whatever answer you get. Now...how do you know God answers your prayers? God answers prayers in ways that each of us can understand, but it always through the power and influence of the Holy Ghost. Some people claim they feel a warmth in their chest. Some say they hear a "whispering" -- you could call it the voice of your conscience. Others, feel comforted, like a sense of peace and calmness. The last one is generally the way it works for me. Sometimes, it could even be a combination. When you pray, I suggest being aware of these different methods, and be receptive to any and/or all of them. Show more Show less