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Hi I'm Stephen Koceja

This here is a quick look into a missionaries life. Anyone who is seeking answers that you just cannot for the life of you find.

About Me

Well just like a lot of people i like being outside. I love the great out doors, animals, quads, dirt bikes, and i like working on cars. I enjoy time with my family and riding at the dunes with them.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church and i have great parents. I know that this church is true and believe everything it teachs. This is the only way to true happiness and learned that the hard way. every one has trials in life and though some have trials that are harder to conquer or some have less trials; we are what our trials help make us to be. What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. I chose to serve a mission to help bring others unto christ and helping investigators know what i know to be true. This church can really bring happiness unto our lives if we just follow christs teaching and read the book of mormon. Reading the book of mormon has changed my entire out look on this church. The book holds up this church its how we know everything we know and i love it. I have prayed about it and i know its true. If you ever have doubts or concerns pray for help. Its the way to receive your own personal revelation by the holy ghost. He answered all my questions he will answer yours.

How I live my faith

I like to serve others and the reason for that would be because its hard to be selfish when your out serving others. Service to your fellow man is a great way to show that you really care and that it is a selfless act that allows you to come closer to christ. The church is true and all the many aspects of it. It is the way that the family can grow together stronger and happier. I also lead by example... being an example helps others to see that you live what you preach.

Are Mormons Christians?

Stephen Koceja
Are Mormons Christians? Defintion of a christian: A Christian is someone who has decided to entrust his or her life to Jesus Christ. Well lets take out the key word in christians and what do you get? .... "Christ" So now lets rephrase that question and ask do mormons believe in christ? Of course we believe in christ and all of his teachings. Christ is the center of our entire religion. In 2Nephi 25: 26 it says, "We talk of christ, we rejoice in christ, we preach of Christ, We prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for the remission of their sin." We believe that Jesus Christ did in fact come to this earth to die for us and to atone for all our sins. Christ restored his gospel on earth. He showed us how to live a perfect life and though we are not all perfect, through his atoneing sacrifice we are able to be pure and cleansed of our sins. No unclean thing can enter into the sight of god. Through jesus christ we are able to repent for our sins by having faith in jesus christ and by being baptised by the proper authority and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. If we do this with exactness and believe in jesus christ and endure to the end we can be saved. This is the plan that god has set aside for us. Mormons are christians! Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Stephen Koceja
For all those who think that we worship Joseph Smith i am here today writing that we do not. We worship only God our father who is heaven and his son Jesus Christ. Those are the only people that we worship. Joseph Smith was called of God to be a prophet for us. What a prophet does for us is to act like a mouth peace for God. Seeing how God knows everything and man cant comprehend everything that God has planned for us we have to have faith that we are all being looked after. A prophet is a person that receives revelation from God and then simply retransmits that revelation to the people. Joseph Smith restored the Priesthood(the power to act in gods name) and translated a holy book of scripture called the Book of Mormon. All that Joseph Smith did was restore that gospel that jesus christ once restored back to its full potential. Joseph Smith is only a man and yes every man has his flaws but we must look past those flaws and realize that men arent perfect but that the church is. It is Gods church and the only way to find out is through your own personal revelation. The way to get your own testimony of that is through prayer, study of the Book Of Mormon and having the right attitude. You must be sincere. If you do this i promise you that you will find happiness and gain your own witness that this church is true and that Joseph Smith is a real prophet of God. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

Stephen Koceja
JESUS CHRIST!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the only two we should have faith in. Why Jesus Christ? We must have faith in Jesus Christ that he was Gods only begotten son and that he did come to this earth to restore his gospel, set the perfect example, to be baptised, and most importantly that he made it possible for us to have eternal life and to repent for our sins through his atonement. We have to have faith that he did all these things in order to be saved. Why God? We must have confidence in God that he is real. That his plan for us is real. That he has a spot for all his children. We must have enough faith in God that we are willing to act on our beliefs and that he will look over us in this life. For all those who are sincerely seeking for answers read in the book of mormon 1Nephi 10: 19. God is one eternal round and he will answer your questions if you seek diligently to figure out those mysteries of God. I know that this is true and that if you learn to believe in both God and Jesus Christ you should have no reason to not follow the precepts of the gospel. Through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are we saved. Live each principle to exact obedience. This is the way to a happy life and i know that by doing this your life will get easier and that you too will see the difference in your life. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Stephen Koceja
My definition of faith as of right now is to hope for things that you cannot see but that are there and are true. I have been using the example of rat trap the past few days as a demonstration of faith. I set the trap in front of someone interested in what faith is and touch it with a pen. The trap instantly snaps shut and explodes the pen. Everyone in the room jumps because of the sound of the snap and the effect that the rat trap had on the pen. Then i share with them a scripture (Ether 12:6) and ask them to read. While they are reading i remove the springs from off the level and set the trap right out in front of them. In Ether 12:6 it says that until after your trial of faith you dont know whether or not its real or not. Now when i am done explaining i set that trap right there for them to see and tell them to touch that copper plate and set the trap off with one finger. Instantly they say, heck no! I tell them that i promise them that if they touch that trap it wont harm them. so after 5 minutes of them arguing and not wanting to touch it they do. as they touch it they panic and dont really trust me. As soon as they touch the plate the little lever flings up and doesnt do anything because the spring is off. I explain to them that just like how they paniked and didnt want to believe me this is how we are to the lord. We sometimes dont want to put forth the effort and test our faith. we might be too scared or doubtful but remember faith with out works is dead. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Stephen Koceja
A testimony is a speacil witness that you can only get for yourself from the holy ghost. As a missionary for the church of jesus christ we invite others to come unto christ and to find out for themselves whether or not what we say is true. We can talk to people all we want or you can read these little passages all you want but the only way to gain a testimony is to put it to the test. The way to put it all to the test would to study the scriptures and try to understand the teaching and then live them. Also pray to know whether or not what we say is true. You have to be sincere about your prayer and pray to God with a that sincere heart and ask him whether or not it is true. If we do these to steps the Holy Ghost will make known unto us that it is true. you will be able to fell the comfort and love from the message that we share or that you read. it could be that feeling of peace or it could be the warm feeling you get in your chest. That feeling is the holy ghost making things known to you. when you feel that feeling there is no way to deny whether or not our message is true. This is how you gain your testimony. It is your way to find out for yourself whether or not these things are true. Its hard to explain your testimony but by sharing what you have come to realize to be true can and will change your life forever. I encourage all to read Helaman 5:12 in the book of mormon and by doing so apply faith and your testimony to it. This is how to have a strong testimony. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

Stephen Koceja
Ask your self this question... If god loves all his children then why l would he send his only begotton son to only visit the middle eastern area after he was resurected.... well the answer is that he didnt. God is the same as he was yesterday, today, and forever. Christ came to the ancient americas and shared with them the same message that he shared with the people in the east. God continued to call people as prophets just like how he did in the bible and all the Book of Mormon is, is just another testament of jesus christ. Jesus christ came to the americas and taught those ancient inhabitants. Just like in the bible and how there were prophets keeping record back then; like wise does the Book of Mormon do the same. Its a little different style of writing but that is beacause they are a totally different style of people. The book of mormon does not over power the bible. they are actually comparable. They teach the doctrines of christ. These amazing records give us what we need to know in order to live a happy and successful life here on earth and an ever better life in the life to come. :) Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Stephen Koceja
That 10% that we offer to the church is called tithing. Tithing is a huge trial of our faith! I love money and I really hate spending it. When I was first introduced to tithing as a little kid i thought it was easy to pay 10 cents for every dollar then when i got to be older i dreaded paying my tithing. If i made $1,200 in a pay check I had to pay $120 Dollars! Do you know how much that could get you. I could buy a new paint ball gun, i could buy a new helmet, i could do all these things with that money and because of that i feared having to pay that much. So i quit paying my tithing. Well life was easier for a little while because I was able to have more money in my savings account and i was able to still have money for fun activities.Then after a couple of months of not even thinking about tithing my life took a giant turn. All the money that i saved up had to go toward emergencies. Eventually i found that my life was falling apart and i knew why. I made sure that after the next pay check i would make up all those months and weeks that i didnt pay. My life instantly got better. Tithing to me is like life insurance. When i pay my tithing i know it is going towards a good fund and that by paying my tithing the lord will bless me upon my faith.The Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings that there will not be room enough to receive them Malachi 3:8-10.This i know to be true and all those who arent paying your tithing start now and recieve those blessings. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Stephen Koceja
Mormons or Latter-Day Saints do in fact believe in the Bible. We believe in the King James Version of the Bible. It is a word of God that has been handed down many generations from prophets of old. We believe that the Bible is comparable to the Book of Mormon. Just like how the Bible consists of prophets of old so does the Book of Mormon. It is another Testiment of Jesus Christ. It to is the word of God. The Book of Mormon was not written in the middle east like the Bible, instead it was written in the Americas. The Book of Mormon has all the records of Gods dealings with those inhabitants of the Americas. The Book of Mormon is comparible to the Bible because both are the word of God. They both tell the stories of the people in the general area and tell what Gods role was in their lives. Also it tells what the role of the Savior Jesus Christ and what great significance he has in our life. These books are books of God and if you do not believe that the Book of Mormon is true I encourge those who really are interested and want to know for themselves to pick up the book read what it has to say and then pray about it. Ask God if the book really is the word of God. I promise you that it is and that if you do what I have explained I know you too will have a testimony and know that it is true. The Holy Ghost will testify to you that it is true and that it is the word of God. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

Stephen Koceja
-Sundays- We do what we like to wear what we like to call or “Sundays best.” Normally the men where a white shirt, suit coat, tie belt, and slacks. The woman usually where dresses or skirts. If you do not have the means to wear this attire you just wear the best clothes you have. If that means jeans and sneakers with a T-shirt it doesnt matter. -Holidays- Members of the Church celebrate Christmas and Easter, regarding these two events as the most spiritually significant days in history because of the birth, suffering, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. -Meetings- Always wear your best. Some members of the church forget this and they show up to meeting in the church in just their regular work clothes. Churches are sacred places and we need to show our respect when meeting in them. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Stephen Koceja
Mormons do not drink or partake any of the substances above because of a thing we like to call the word of wisdom.In 1833 Joseph Smith received relvelation from god telling him of this law of god. Now a days scientists have proven that many of these things are in fact addictive and not good for the body. God has given us this law so that we might be ready and alert for when he calls upon us. If you are addicted these are some simple things to help you overcome your temptation. Pray and fast with confidence that the Lord will strengthen you and help you to over come your addiction Study the scriptures.Memorize passages and recite them frequently.When you need help these things will bring you spiritual power. Ask for a Priesthood blessing to help you resist temptation. Dispose of all the harmful substances that you are addicted to and do not get more. Participate in church activities by doing so you will grow closer to the Lord and he will give you the strength to overcome your habit. If you do not believe that the lord can help you overcome your addictions think about this.God is the creator of all things.He created the world including man.If he could create us,he obviously knows how to cure us.If you put forth the effort and excercise your faith in the Lord he will help you.It is possible to overcome addictions.I know it to be true and through faithful prayer knowing the Lord will help you,he will help you.I have seen it in my life and done exactly what i have said. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

Stephen Koceja
The Law of Chastity is one of Gods greatest commandments in my eyes. Not only does the Law of Chastity bring you happiness, safety, peace, self respect, it also is the glue that holds marriages together. The Law of Chastity not only strengthens relationships with our families, wife, and kids, but it also strengthens our relationship with God. Now i bet you are wondering what this law is... well the Law of Chastity in a nut shell contains like 4 things. 1) Do not participate in any sexual relationships outside of a legal marriage between a male and female. 2) Do not participate in any form of Homosexuality 3) Do not participate in abortions. (depending on circumstance an ex: would be rape.) 4) Do not participate in any form of pornography. These are the simple yet basic steps to the Law of Chastity. I know those 4 things are a bunch of do nots but i know for a fact that if you follow those 4 steps you will see blessings from God poured out to you. I know that if we follow this commandment that not only will our families be happier and more likely to stick together but i know that you will be happier and living in a state of peace. For all those who are not living this Law of Chastity there is a way out from all the guilt and all the feelings of sorrow. Begin following this commandment and repent. God will forgive us and strengthen us in our weeknesses. We will be blessed by our obedience to this commandment. It might not be easy but it will be totally worth it. Show more Show less