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Hi I'm John Autry

I am a Army Flight Paramedic, endurance sport enthusiest, fun loving dad, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

Over the years my career has changed many times, but I was always drawn to the medical field. After years of hard work, ups and downs, and lots of life lessons I am finally in my dream career as a Flight Paramedic. I was able to reach this point by joining the army and am privileged to serve my country in my chosen field every day. Of course I never would have been able to accomplish this goal without the support of my loving wife and two beautiful girls. In my limited spare time, I enjoy running, swimming, biking, fishing, and cars. My other dream career would have been racing cars, but for now being a soldier and a father are enough.

Why I am a Mormon

I was asked by a reporter one time why I chose to be a Flight Paramedic in the United States Army and willfully fly into hostile environments with the chance of never returning. I quickly responded, "To rescue those who are in need of rescuing". This is my story. Some would say that I had a rough childhood, but who hasn't. At a time when my home life was broken the Lord sent someone to rescue me. It was late on a Sunday morning when I heard a knock at my door. I was surprised when I opened the door to find a gentleman in his late 30's dressed in his Sunday best and 4 young men like wise. He cordially introduced himself as my young men’s president and invited me to come and attend church. I politely declined feeling uncomfortable in my sweat pants and pizza stained T-shirt. He chuckled and with a promise came back 2 days later with suit pants, a white shirt, and a tie. This would be the first of many times the Lord would faithfully send his servants to rescue me in my time of need. Through this experience I would learn how to first love myself and then love others through service. This was the beginning of my spiritual journey. As I continued on my spiritual quest I took the opportunity to serve a proselytizing mission for my church. Spending 2 years of my life in Michigan after the completion of High School was not in my original plans, but I wanted to serve my Lord. In teaching others about the life of Jesus Christ and seeing the joy it brought to their lives, I became fully converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After having experienced rescue by both being rescued and rescuing, I know trying to live like Jesus Christ can change your life for the better. Jesus Christ is a wonderful example of coming to the rescue and has saved us all. Because of Him I want to continue to rescue. I felt prompted to join the army and have a desire to truly rescue those in need; whether it be spiritually or physically.

How I live my faith

How are we to be in the world, but not of the world? How are we to be faithful even in times of extreme conflict, even when we don't agree with the orders we have been given? These are some of the challenges we may face not only in the armed forces, but in any of the various fields that we work in. I live my faith by upholding the standards of the gospel of Jesus Christ even when it is hard. I am reminded of a prophet in the Book of Mormon by the name of Moroni who lived on the American continent around 73 b.c. His character is described as such: A strong and a mighty man, a man of perfect understanding; a man whose soul did joy in liberty and the freedom of his country. He was a man that was firm in his faith. As I live my life faithfully I am able to feel closer to Christ. I am able to gain that understanding necessary to make the right choices and to stand in holy places even when there might not be any ground to stand on. I am also privileged to serve as a teacher and leader for the youth in our local church. The youth of today face many challenges, some of which can and will effect them for the rest of their lives. I feel compelled to be that example to them that Moroni was and is to me. That they may grow into strong and mighty followers of Christ who will strive to stand in holy places. Saints with a perfect understanding of Jesus Christ. Men and women that find joy in the liberty and freedom of their country and also in their religion.