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Hi I'm RoWayne

Raised outside Mormonville. Avide biblophy & ADD. Oldest of 7 "Crazy" Siblings. Love learning new things & doing it!

About Me

I was raised outside Mormonville. Am an avid bibliophile & ADD. Oldest of 7 "Crazy" Siblings. Love learning new things and doing it! I Am an avid bibliophile & ADD. I try to read as much as I can. I put into Practice "Never Judge a Book by its cover." If I could I would live inside the Library of Congress and never leave!I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I am easily distracted. Tried many years of medication, been free of them since end of 9th grade. Being the oldest in my family has been great. I got to be the "Trial Person" as my parents called it. I grew up in Tennessee for Half of my life then it got turned upside down with a move to Michigan for my Dads career. But with my family to support me I am rising to the potential that God knows and sees in me. I am fascinated with learning about anything and everything because the more you know the more you understand about Life, Family, and God.

Why I am a Mormon

My life has been one of trial and error many times over. I just seem to always have to put my hand on the Hot stove when your Dad tells you not too and you do it anyway just after he said it. Growing up outside of the Mainstream of the LDS Church has been part of my biggest challenge. Not only are you alone in what you believe but you are expected to live up to it. Being ADD I know has been a blessing to me because it has taught me the value of work. Also how to trust God. I do trust and Believe Him and His Son Jesus Christ. and so can you.

How I live my faith

By far the Book of Mormon is my favorite book because it has helped me live my life according to Gods Laws. I try to follow the examples of the People in it because they had tough times like everyone does but they put their trust in God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ and it helps them make it through the day. I especially love reading about Nephi from the start of the Book of Mormon. Nephi had family issues with his big brothers not being good examples. Nephi choose though to not let this bother him. Instead he choose to follow God and Nephi was blessed with great Knowledge that God gave him because of his faith in asking to know. I love this because it helps myself grow closer to God and helps me stay away from the bad influences around me. I strive to be honest and to love everyone because that is what makes God happy with me. Seeing someone else is to see them for who they are, a child of God. That means I have lots of Brothers and Sisters to love even more everyday! Yes life is not perfect but then why would God ask us to be Perfect? Because He knows we can be Perfect. I know that with his help I will learn how to be perfect as Jesus is.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ. That is what it is. An additional witness to what the Bible has been testifying of for centuries. That Jesus is the Christ. You know that when you go to court and someone is on trial for this or that? the witnesses role is to testify of the truth and nothing but the truth. Well lets put Jesus Christ on trial. Jesus said he was the Light and life of the world. 1st witness Bible please step to the mike and tell us what you know. Bible says " 'Jesus said he is the Light...world.' This is true." Thank you Bible. Next witness book of Mormon Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

We should have faith in Christ. It is because of his Atonement that we can have a hope for our Future to live with him some day. Not only should we have Faith in Christ, we should also "Believe Christ." A whole bunch of people have told me that they "Believe in Christ" and did not need to hear any more. But I will ask, "Do you "Believe Him?" So many in this world do not know that God our Father and Jesus Christ are real people and that we are made like them or "...in [their] image..."(Genesis). I believe that to have Faith in Christ we must Believe Christ and trust Christ or else your all talk and no walk. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

The example of my parents in living the Gospel has taught me that God, Our Father in Heaven, is who a mother and father should look to when they go to raise a family. Look at the Family God has. Its Us! and he takes very good care of us but also has let us make choices for ourselves. Ideally I believe A mothers prime concern should be that of her children in teaching them to trust in Our Heavenly Father and to be obedient to him and his Son Jesus Christ. A fathers role is that of protector and provider. He should also step up and be a man in helping his wife fulfill her role as the mother. For EX: My dad always "brought home the bread!" Because Mom would be having us clean up the mess we made in trying to make a loaf of it. And Dad would get the Call from Mom to hurry home to teach how to make it right. and He would say to Mom, "I'll be home shortly.' That usually meant about 10-15 minutes. Then our family would gather together and eat some bread while Dad and Mom would teach us how Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life. It doesn't always happen this way for all families, but any place where there is a Mother or Father who will teach their kids and the Kids will support their parents in teaching them, will be a happy and safe haven to grow closer to the Lord. Show more Show less