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Hi I'm Lou Petillot

I was raised in Ontario, Canada but moved to Calgary Alberta when I was 22, this is where I joined the Church.

About Me

My life so far is a smorgasbord of events. I left high school early to work. After being an underground miner, oil rig worker, long distance truck driver I joined the Church and served a mission in Arizona. When I returned home I went back to blue collar jobs, married in the Alberta Temple to a beautiful return missionary and started a family. We attended Brigham Young University and after 4 years I earned a Masters Degree. After some professional positions and much unemployment I went back to the tools. I became a Red Seal Journeyman pipe welder and even taught at the college level. Presently I am teaching welding at a local trade college, operating my own welding company and the father of 4 wonderful children, 2 are serving missions, one has been married in the Salt Lake Temple and has provided us with 2 enchanting grandchildren. We still have 1 son at home but soon he will be serving a mission. I love camping, survival training, building survival equipment, building camper trailers, etc. I am looking for a small piece of country property so I can have a weld shop to create new products. I love spending time with people, I love teaching because it provides an opportunity to to interact with others. One of my long time needs is to be as independent as I can be, not easy when you still carry a mortgage, but we are working on it. I am just a down to earth guy who loves life, who calls himself rich because of my family, good friends and my relationship to my God.

Why I am a Mormon

As a young Catholic boy I was raised in a good family but I had some serious questions that my Priest could not answer, I was only nine. Soon I did not go to church because I felt much was missing. As I grew I still looked into other faiths trying to find answers, finding more questions. I loved Christmas as we celebrated the life of Christ, He seemed so real, so close and I knew that He was real, I just could not find a faith that reflected this burning belief. At the age of 20 years old I was working on the Oil Rigs when I was seriously hurt and spent a few days in hospital, there was nothing to read except an old Gideon Bible. As I read I saw the need for paying tithing so I began to send money to the Gideon Society. I also saw the need for Apostles and Prophets as the original Church of Christ. I moved back east after that accident but still was looking at churches. When I was 22 I felt the need to return to Calgary but by this time I was discouraged and felt that God rad removed His Church when the Apostles died and we were to wicked to have it again. I offered my first true prayer (previous prayers were Catholic set prayers) and with tears I told my God that I was not looking anymore and I did not blame Him for leaving us on our own, I did not want a church of man. Two weeks after that prayer two young men stood outside my apartment asking if they could leave a message. At first I though they were Jehovah Witnesses but they told me they were representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, the Mormons. I was curious, what was a Mormon? I had other friends over at the time who told me to get rid of them but a sweet peaceful feeling attended these young men, I wanted to know more. Three weeks later I was baptized, my brother who was in Toronto (half a country away) was visited by missionaries and he joined the Church two weeks after I did. My sister went to my brother's baptism and joined the church two weeks later.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by the standard I keep. I served a mission in Arizona for two years and later raised a family teaching them the joy of serving others. I have been a Scout leader for more than 28 years, sat on several community boards and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I continue to serve in our community by working on clean ups, service projects and fundraising. In the Church I serve as the Sunday School President, this gives me the opportunity to work with teachers, youth and adults. I also have the opportunity to visit other members with my son to see if they are doing well, leave a short spiritual message and prayer. This activity has brought me much joy and has brought my son and I closer as we serve together.Over the past ten years I have worked with the young men (12 to 18 years) and have worked on many service projects, winter and summer camps.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Lou Petillot
We do not worship Joseph any more than the Jews worship Moses. We know that as Moses was the prophet who released the House of Israel from bondage, Joseph Smith is the prophet called to restore the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth in preparing the earth for the Lord's second coming. I do not worship Joseph but I am grateful for the work that he has performed, just as I am grateful for Moses. Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father are the only one's I worship. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Savior, Redeemer, resurrected Lord and head of this His church. Show more Show less