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Hi I'm Jenna

I'm a musician and an avid reader. I love learning new things and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I sang in a religious choir organization called Millienial Choral Organization and that rehersal Center is where I found my voice. One that loves to sing, and express, and share truth as I know it to be. Though honesty can have its drawbacks such as constantly being misunderstood as mean I have found my ability to be tactful and problem solve. Plus it has a nice benefit of people coming to you for the truth and not an answer that they want to hear, but one that focuses on improvement and makes them feel better. I believe with enough hard work and dedication you can be anything you want to be, it's the motivation to do so that's tricky. I have progressed to a satisfactory level in dance because if that thought. I find music passionate, consuming, and necessary for my soul, though with all performing experience I am still shy (but quite opinionated). I enjoy school, reading, and learning maybe to be smarter or maybe to be amazed. I found that math was relatively easy for me. Science was challenging but a good and interesting one. English was best when it was more based on reading than writing and because of that vocabulary tests were always simple. History classes were less important to me though I always had a passing grade and was mostly fascinated in the class. I took electives such as dance, orchestra, and psychology. I did graduate from high school and Seminary with all four years completed. I love my family though the heartache we go though. I find strength in their love.

Why I am a Mormon

It makes my life simpler. I can realize the importance and power inside of me. I love the church and all the programs. I can remember one day before I was baptized I was thinking "is this true?", was Joesph Smith a fake looking for easy money. I asked my mom what to do she told me to pray: such a simple answer. When you pray for an important answer I know you need to be specific, humble, and ready to hear any truthful answer. I prayed to know the answer to my question "Is Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon true? And let me know the truth of it without question." It simply felt it's truth and took comfort that I didn't doubt it and haven't in the many years since then. Forgiveness liberates the soul, and will make a positive impact (though many times unnoticed) on others. This applies to everyone of my faith, of a different faith, and even those who do not have a faith. With forgiveness all people can be at peace. I ask you to please respect me for me, please do not define me by my religion, hair color, or preferences. I will in return for your kindness respect you no matter what religion, race, or mistakes you've made in the past. I believe God wants only the best for me so naturally he only wants me to feel the good and in this church I have felt that countless times I only ever need to pay attention. So when someone says to me "What are you Mormon?" I think why wouldn't I be, I like where I am. I can get constant revelation that this is where I should be and it makes me feel positive. I have yet to find someone truly converted to Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven to regret following the teachings of his gospel restored though Joseph Smith. I believe this gospel is for everyone individually, it being both perfect for everyone and perfect for me and you. God loves us and knows us and his plan for all of us ishould based on his unconditional and uncompromising love. Please let the light in for we are children of God and deserve Him.

How I live my faith

I do what my Father in Heaven would ask me to do. Sometimes it is hard discerning what He would have me do and in those circumstances I pray. I pray to seek guidance, ask for help, and to have someone to talk to. I feel as though if I pray long enough to my Father in Heaven I will come to a conclusion and he will send me good feelings to know that it is right or he will put the answer into my mind as I ramble on into his always listening ear. I love to read the scriptures my favorites are the Book of Mormon (for its plain understanding) and the New Testament (to learn about Christ's life). And I believe the words of the prophets, apostles, and other general authorities are scripture and revelation meant for me and the immortality and eternal life of man and as such I treasure it with all my heart. I am not perfect and I take solace in knowing none of us are. I've been asked "why do you do hold yourself back?" And "what do you live a life racked with guilt?" I testify to you I am not being held back. I am not limited on what good things I can experience. I am not kept under a rock in blind ignorance to all the life that is happening outside of me. I live to gospel to have joy; a kind of joy that can be experenced by no other means than by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. And because of that I feel no guilt over what I've done wrong but humility and hope for what I can do to repent and fix my shortcomings. I find it best to think to myself "Do I want to do this just now and will I still think this is a good idea later?" I am happy to know that I can do work to be saved in Christ, I cannot pay him back for the grace he has supplied to me but I can work to show him I am grateful, I am trying, and I will help others do so to find the joy I have found in the Savior's church.

What is being a Mormon like?

I just want to put out there I'm a normal teenager. Lots of times when I am going through something difficult I can turn to or lean on the scriptures of the Lord. Sometimes people say "Isn't being Mormon not fun?" or "Wow that's no fun." But I have fun, It just may not be what everyone else considers normal. I like being a little different though instead of doing the same thing everyone else does. Being Mormon is like seeing people do different things and you not doing it sometimes. People also ask a lot of questions and I like it when they do. I feel like I can have someone that understands me. I am not better than you because I am Mormon I just live differently. It's like a career path, I wouldn't enjoy something you might, there is no judgement there I just know what I like. Being Mormon is like everyone else only we live a little differently. Show more Show less