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Hi I'm Bryson Cash

I was born and raised in Florida, I am an Eagle Scout, Band Geek, avid sports player, full time missionary, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

hmm, a little bit about me... Well for starters I'm currently a spanish speaking missionary over in Las Vegas Nevada preaching the word of God to everyone so as you can imagine my religion has always played an important role in my life. On top of religious activities I was involved in a lot of different things like for example cub scouts and boy scouts. Pretty much since I can remember I was doing cub scouts through a church based troop and then when I got old enough I advanced on to boy scouts and even though for a while scouts kind of took a back seat role to everything else I was doing I would have to say that boy scouts was really important to me and that it taught me a lot and then being able to become an eagle scout was an enormous blessing as well in my life that was pretty awesome. As a youth I wasn't too involved in sports but when I got to highschool I ended up joining the cross country team and came to really love running and then I also played a lot of ultimate frisbee, best sport ever, with a bunch of friends on the weekends and I really came to enjoy athletics. another big part of my life is music, and good music at that. when I entered middle school my 6th grade year I joined the band playing tenor saxophone and then my 8th grade year I also picked up the bassoon and continued to play those through highschool in the marching band and other various ensembles until I graduated. I enjoy playing video games, reading, sports, school, church, anything worth the time.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I'm a Mormon... Truthfully I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my grandparents are active members and my parents are active and faithful members as well so I just always grew up knowing the church and going to church activities and being in that kind of atmosphere. A lot of people think that being born into the Church means that you don't have your own conversion story or have to build your own testimony or have to go through the struggles and difficulties of trying to find out the Church is true like everyone else but that is false, if anything else it can be harder and more difficult this way than as an investigator trying out the Church for the first time because everyone expects you to already believe in it and to do what's right. When I was younger it was always easier to just do what my parents said and to just trust them and to rely on their testimonies of the Church but eventually it came to the time when that wasn't enough. When I entered High School I started being attacked on all fronts by Satan and the temptations of the World like drinking and sex and drugs and lies and just all types of filth and it was then that I realized just how weak my testimony was but also just how important it was to have one. The next 4 years of my life were a struggle as I tried to build and shape my own testimony, to answer the questions that had always been there, lurking in the back of my mind and to try and decide if this was really that was something worth doing. So why did I keep doing it? Why was it that important to me to keep fighting against the world? Because no matter how hard life got or how confused it was I could always find happiness and solace at church, I could always find the answers to the questions that I thought nobody could answer, I could always feel the love that God had for me no matter how bad I messed up, and I could always feel the power of God through those called and ordained as leaders of the Church.

How I live my faith

There are many ways in which one can live their faith but just a few ways that I live mine and show that being a "Mormon" is important to me is just by living the commandments and doing the things that we have been asked to do as Christians and as members of the Church. I think personally that being an "example of the believers" is the best way that anyone can live their faith because people notice the difference when you have standards and then live by those standards, especially when there is a lot of pressure to do something you know to be wrong. Another way I live my faith is standing up for the Church when others would seek to put it down, we should always stand up for Jesus Christ and for what we believe in, especially when what we believe in is true ;). Right now I'm currently a spanish speaking missionary in Las Vegas and every day I have the opportunity to testify to everyone of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and I relish the opportunity to do so because everyone needs to know of the message of love and hope that this church brings and as we serve others and love them and be examples of what we believe then others will know that we are living our faiths. I live my faith by living it.