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Hi I'm Jill

I'm studying biochemistry and biology to become a geneticist. I'm fluent in English and Spanglish. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in such a way that made me love schooling and learning as well as the teachers who taught me to love those things. I graduated from high school with my Associate's degree and am currently studying biochemistry & biology in college. I fancy myself to be a rather eloquent speaker, at least when I'm speaking through a keyboard. My brain often shifts into Spanish mode and I have to think a moment before I can recall the English equivalent of a word. I love to get sunburned in the summer, though even that cannot compensate for the stark paleness of my skin in the winter. During previous seasons, I swam approximately two to three miles a day, and loved every horrific moment of it. I dedicated myself, wholly and completely, to my teammates and my team. My lifelong dream is to visit all the LDS temples in the United States. What started as a little girl's wish to see all the temples in the entire world had to be adapted to fit a more realistic life, but is already becoming a reality. Most of the time, I'm just a happy person who loves to make other people smile and laugh.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this beautiful and beloved Gospel, and have never doubted for one moment that it was true. Doubt and curiosity are very different though. I never once doubted what my parents, teachers and leaders taught me, but there came a time when I had to decide for myself. That time has come and gone, and I'm all the better for it now. The real builders of my testimony have been Girls Camp each summer--where we get to go camping and "get dirty", though it's hardly a camping trip when we use the showers at least once--and our Stake Pioneer Trek, when we visited Martin's Cove and walked 40+ miles from one squat of dirt to another, while pushing and pulling handcarts, wearing the same sort of clothes that the ancestors of our church wore when they walked from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah. Reliving their pain and experiencing their joy was a significant footstep for my testimony and it's an experience I will never forget. I continue in this faith for one reason and one simple reason only: it makes me happy, and I know that nothing else could possibly fill the void if I left it all behind me.

How I live my faith

I catch my breath in awe and wonder at the sight of our gorgeous Timpanogos Temple which is a mere seven minutes drive from my doorstep. I visit this beautiful building as often as I can, but not near enough. I can see the temple from my home, and it is a daily reminder of what I want, how I want to live my life, what I can become. I live my faith as I prepare to enter the temple and serve a full-time mission. I have made a promise with the Lord and with myself to be married within His sacred house to a worthy Priesthood holder. I want to have a family when the time comes, and I wish to teach my children the same values my parents have instilled in me. As the work continues, I pray that I may help it along in any way I can--even if that just means being an example in any and every way possible.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Most of my life as a child of twelve years of old (or younger), I've studied the Book of Mormon, which is the keystone of our religion. I had never really studied the Bible before I was fourteen or so, and even then, as an unruly student, didn't pay very much attention. However, in seminary, (essentially a class at a regular high school where we learn about the Gospel), we study a different book each year. Freshman year for me was the Book of Mormon; sophomore was Doctrine and Covenants; junior, Old Testament; senior, New Testament. I've come to love the Old Testament and even the words of Isaiah, even if I don't fully comprehend them. I love Hosea and his heartbroken words that teach me so much. The Bible, though it may have been decided by men what went into it, is still the word of God. I believe God decided what would go into the book, even if it was the Council of Nicea that put it together. The Bible is a sacred compilation, and tastes even better to your spiritual taste buds when combined with the holy word of the Book of Mormon. They're outstanding books, and I can think of no other books I love more. Show more Show less