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Hi I'm Pascal Friedmann

I live in a small German town. I'm a depression surviver. I try to serve every day. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a young adult from rural western Germany and converted to the Church at age 18. In fall 2012, I will start college and I will work on my degree in print journalism. I'm also preparing to serve a Mission for the Church because I want to share the joy the restored Gosepl has brought to me with others. I love to play soccer and basketball, meet new people, both read and write, as well as I just love spending time with my friends and family. I'm throughoutly happy in my life right now and I'm looking forward to all the great things that will come over the next years. But this has not always been that way: Prior to my conversion to the Church, I suffered from clinical depression for more than three years. I was looking so desperately for a deeper purpose in life, and had many essential questions that my former Catholic faith was not able to answer. I tried everything to overcome my depression and constant sadness, but nothing cured me prior to my development of a testimony of Christ, the Restoration, the love our Heavenly Father has for all of us, and the truth of the Book of Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I first encountered the Church at age 16 when I was a foreign exchange student in Utah. It started out as a lukewarm relationship of respect. I was sure I would never be a Mormon... Almost a year later, I was feeling very depressed and, for the first time, felt like my life was absolutely lacking of purpose. I truely felt like I should give up on everything. Then, I remembered that a friend from Utah had given me a Book of Mormon as a farewell present and I felt strong urge to read it. Here, for the first time, the Spirit had saved me. It did so a second time after a few more weeks when I prayed about whether what I had just read was true. I did so at night, prior to going to bed. It was late on October 17, 2010 when I asked Heavenly Father with a sincere heart if the Book of Mormon, and the Church itself, were true. The answer didn't come immediately, and I was discouraged and tempted to give up. But then, after five or 10 minutes when I layed down to sleep, I felt the strongest peace, joy of heart and happiness I have ever felt in my whole life. It was so strong, it was shining way beyond everything that could have been of this world. I knew the Church was true, and I do so to this day. My parents disapproved of my decision to join the Church at first, so I had to wait until I was legal to take the lessons from the Missionaries. I was finally baptized on February 5, 2012. I hold the Priesthood and I've been given the opportunity to go the Temple. Those things, along with the permanent companionship of the Holy Ghost, are the greatest blessings out there. I know with all of my heart that this Church is true!

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a path of small steps, and it does happen everyday through serving others. Our faith teaches us to support those who need help, regardless of their views on religion - And there are very many people in need of help everywhere. I enjoy helping those around me by listening to their problems, and by doing everything within bounds of my power to solve them. We also help each other in our ward very often - When there is need for a pair of helping hands, I can't remember an occasion when I did not show up to volunteer. Be it a family that is moving to another city looking for someone to carry boxes and furniture, or an elderly couple who are unable to harvest all their apples on time, I try my best to be there and help. Although I currently do not hold an active calling in my ward, I still do a lot of things to keep our Church life going: I serve at the Sacrament Table regularly, which enables our members to enjoy the most sacred part of our meetings, which is the weekly renewal of our baptism covenants. I am also preparing to receive the greatest calling a young adult can get in the Church, which is the calling as a full-time Missionary. I love to learn more about my faith. One of the best ways to do so is daily scripture study. Some might think that it is weird or purposeless to read in the Holy Bible or the Book of Mormon each day, but it's not. It means that I don't need to put blind trust into what my Bishop, my sunday school teacher or even our living Prophet say; I can prove it by reading the scriptures and find out a lot of truth myself. This is a very fascinating thought, especially considering that we have a chance to pray over everything to receive answers whether it's true or not - And the better we know something, the more detailed will be the answers about the truth of it. This is why I read the scriptures and pray every day.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Pascal Friedmann
The Book of Mormon is an ancient book of sacred scripture that deals with the events and the spiritual history of the descendants of a man from Jerusalem whose name was Lehi. He lived in the sixth century B.C. and, having received revelation of the coming destruction of Jerusalem, left his home land to be guided by God to the Americas, where his descendants would build up a vivid society. His third-born son, Nephi, is the author of the first two books in the Book of Mormon, and his descendants over the next more than 1000 years continued to keep record of the events and revelations that took place among the people. The records were kept by engraving them on plates, and they were passed on from generation to generation, and treated as sacred scripture by the people. Other important Prophets of these times include Mosiah, Alma and Mormon, who finally held all relevant records of his people. He put them together and, prior to his death, passed them on to his son Moroni, who buried them near Hill Cumorah in Upstate New York. In the late 1820s, a young man named Joseph Smith received a calling by this same Moroni who appeared to him as an angel and instructed him to translate the records of his people, so that everyone might know of the dealings of God among the descendants of Lehi. The Book of Mormon is subtitled "Another Testament of Jesus Christ", because it testifies of the works of Christ and his post-resurrection ministry among the ancient people of the Americas. Show more Show less