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Hi I'm Darrell

I was born in Prichard Alabama. I am African American, will celebrate 37 years of marriage in 2012 and 32 years as a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of three, two sons and one daughter, and grandfather of two. I have served as PTA President, Booster Club President, local school council member and Cub-master. I am a former franchise restaurant owner. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization that educates families about recovery from destructive life-control issues. I am currently completing a BS degree in Sociology. I love to read and study the scriptures. My favorite sport to play is golf, favorite to watch is football. My two sons are Eagle Scouts and my daughter is a certified Medical Assistant. My wife and I joined the LDS Church, in Antioch, Tennessee, in 1980.

Why I am a Mormon

One day I came home late at night from work, in the late summer of 1980. I found a pamphlet and read it as I was winding down to go to bed (everyone else was already asleep). Several days later, again I came home late at night from work and found another pamphlet and read it before retiring for the night (never mentioned to anyone that I had read the pamphlets). Several more days went by, coming home late at night from work again and I found another pamphlet that I also read. I was so intrigued by the content of that pamphlet, I awaken my wife to ask her where the little pamphlets were coming from. In November of 1979, my mother had been killed in a domestic violence incident. I was 22 years old, married, the father of a four year old and we were caring for my four younger teenage siblings. I had lots of questions about life. The pamphlet I read that night was titled "The Purpose of Life" and it answered the questions, "Where did we come from? Why are we here? and, "Where do we go after this life?" Never has any questions and the answers meat so much to me as it did that night. My wife informed me that some young guys had been coming over during the day having bible study. She gave me a copy of another testament of Jesus Christ titled "The Book of Mormon". I asked her to schedule an appointment when I would be home. Due to my work schedule several days went by before I was able to meet with them. That night, I began reading the book my wife had given me, starting at the introductory page. I had never heard of the name Mormon and knew nothing about their church. After reading through most of the "Book of Mormon" I met the young guys for the first time. They told me the story about the first Vision, and about how the book I had been reading had came to be. I knew for myself from my own reading, my thoughts and feelings deep inside, that what I had been reading was true. My wife and I, along with two of my sisters, were baptized November 6, 1980 in Antioch Tennessee

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending church service each Sunday. Since becoming a member, I have not missed more than 1-2 Sundays each year. I live my faith by striving to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe and the Church teaches us that we are all children of a loving God, therefore, I strive to live a Christlike life. I currently teach adult Sunday School Class and help to coordinate and administer assistance to all the various youth and adult organizations in the church. I have served as leader of Missionary efforts in assigned local geographical areas, and I have served as assistant to ecclesiastical leaders (Bishop). Through something the Church calls "hometeaching" all members will have two other members assigned to visit their family regularly to deliver messages from church leaders and to see that they are doing well and all their needs are met. When I first joined the Church, it was our "hometeachers" that introduced my family to many of the teachings of the Church. They visited with us two to three times each month and helped explain many of the doctrines and gospel teachings. During the following summer, after we became members, I was transferred two hundred miles away to a new job site. A few weeks after we had moved, we received a surprise visit, our "hometeachers" was passing near by traveling, they took it upon themselves to stop by to check on us to make sure we had found the new church building we were to attend after we moved to our new residence. This is not required of a "hometeacher" but it was very helpful to us as we were being welcomed in the the church as new members. I help to plan and coordinate community events also. As PTA President and other volunteer opportunities I make myself available to help throughout the community as needed.