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Hi I'm Tiffany Walters

I can create almost anything out of candy & a hot glue gun. I am a preschool teacher. I am a mom & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The best way to sum up my life is to imagine a plate spinner in a circus. You cheer as they get 6 then 8 plates going at once! A roar of applause goes out from the crowd when 12 plates are all spinning at the time! Just when one starts to slow down, the plate spinner manages to keep it going again! I am a preschool teacher. I own and operate my own school in my home and I am a professional plate spinner. The biggest difference is my "little plates" are armed with preschool scissors and glue bottles! It is very rewarding work and I love it! I am also blessed with four amazing children, so I never really get to "slow down". We adopted our 4th child from Ethiopia, which has been a great blessing to us. All of my children have totally individual gifts and personalities. I see myself reflected back in each of them in different ways. This is how I know our Father in Heaven has a sense of humor. My house is fun, loud, not always clean (there is usually glitter on something somewhere) and full of love. When I do get to rest (ha ha ha) I enjoy creating candy cakes — basically making candy look like a 3-layer cake. Totally unique & lots of fun, kind like.....me.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it centers my life on all that matters & gives me peace. I am a Mormon because I believe in Christ & have had it confirmed to me that His love for each of us is eternal. I know that we can & will be together as families if we make & keep sacred covenants. I feel joy as I live according to His commandments. As a child I was taught by good but not always perfect parents. For this I am grateful, because despite their mistakes they had great faith and were wonderful parents. By making good & bad choices I have learned for myself the things that bring me closer to my Lord & Savior. I am constantly amazed at how much I learn each week at church. I need His light. I need the scriptures to open my mind & heart. I am a Mormon because I love our Father in Heaven. I believe with all of my heart that He has a plan for all of His children. I believe that we are here to learn of Him & help each other along the way. I believe that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I believe in His divinity. I first read the Book of Mormon all the way through as an adult. Before we decided to adopt our fourth child, our prophet issued a challenge to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover by the end of the year. My husband & I accepted it. I believe it helped spiritually prepare us for the journey our family was about to undertake. We had no plans to adopt nor did we know that adoption was in our near future at the time we started reading together. But our Heavenly Father did. Our lives will forever be blessed by being spiritually prepared. I am not a perfect person. I may never be, but I will always try to follow Him. There are a few things I do know to the very center of my soul. I know this church is true. I know that my family was put together in a unique way. I know that my youngest son was meant to come to us from Ethiopia. I know that if we are faithful we will be together as a family for all of eternity with our loving Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

Woohooo! I just enjoy life. I try to be a good friend. I never want push my religion onto anyone. I love the Lord and am glad when anyone finds Him in their life. I am always happy to talk with or share stories with those of other faiths. I try to help others, when I see a need I fill it. I have made meals for those in need, cleaned homes (not always mine), or delivered a gallon of ice cream to a friend after a rough day. I try to say I feel "blessed" instead of saying I was "lucky". I try to invite my neighbors over for dinner and invest by getting to know them better. At church, I have taught children, youth and adults. I have also been taught, loved, prayed for, and fellow shipped. We have even had the privilege of cleaning the church building and chapel as a family. Although I think it was more a lesson in service than in actual cleaning (our five year old boy does not vacuum well at all). I think we are all trying to balance our lives, families, work and children. I believe that if we make Christ the center of our lives we will do much better and gain strength along the way. That's how I live my faith!