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Hi I'm Andre Budgewater

I'm a husband, a father to a wonderful son, a doctor of pharmacy student, a brother, a son, a Christian, and.....I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello, My name is Andre, and I'm a Mormon. I'm also a husband, a father, a brother, a son, and a fulltime doctor of pharmacy student. The point is is that in a crowded room I'm really not much different than the average human being. Now that I have your attention you may be expecting to continue reading and find an extravagant story on why I believe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. Sorry but, you won't find one of those here. My story is simple. And hopefully by the time you're done reading it all makes sense. Ever since I was a young boy religion has always been part of my family. During most of my summer vacations as an adolescent I can remember the ofttimes I would go to church with my grandmother. It's her whom I like to think helped lay my foundation of understanding who Jesus Christ is. I spent the rest of my adolescent and most of my adult years attending various southern Baptist churches. The reason I say various is because no matter how much I tried to convince myself to do the right thing and live by the gospel I would somehow lose motivation would would just stop going to church. I would then find myself doing lots of things I knew the Heavenly Father didn't want me doing. Then one day in the year 2007 I decided that I would try to grow a closer relationship with god on my own. I decided that if I were to do this i would need to begin reading my Bible. (Please continue reading the next 2 sections to finish my story.)

Why I am a Mormon

Don't get me wrong though; I had read out of the Bible plenty of times while going to church. Although up to that point in my life I had never genuinely tried to "read" it. I started in the book of Genesis and tried to actually read and pray on a daily basis. I will be honest and say that there were times I didn't always succeed in doing so but, I knew growing my relationship with God would not be easy. Temptations were never too far away. The more I read the more I began to enjoy reading. And the more I read the more my faith grew. Blessings began to come forth and so did tribulations. No matter the tribulation I began to know that I indeed was not alone. In 2009 I met a special someone who I am now very pleased to be able to call my wife. When it came to our Savior and his Holly Father we had very similar feelings. We had discussed finding a church to attend but did not know which one to go to that would make us feel at home. A little over a year after meeting her came the fateful knock at my front door. I say fateful because the particular education program I'm enrolled in requires countless hours of study. That particular day when I should've been at school studying, I just happened to be home. That day I simply decided I would try studying at home for a change. After hearing the knock I must admit I felt a little angst because since living in my particular home at the time I had gotten a lot of door to door salespersons and highschool teenagers trying to sell me something. Little did I know that what was on the other side of my door was not only free but one of my greatest gifts ever. A means to my salvation. The missionaries began to share their message with me and at first I thought, "...ok here's someone else trying to get me to come to their church. I've done this what feels like a thousand times already...". I was assured that if I were to have an open heart and an open mind, what I (Please continue reading next section to finish my story)

How I live my faith

would experience at their church would be different. After meeting with my wife and I a few times the missionaries encouraged us to join them one Sunday to see what the LDS church is like. We prayed about it and agreed that we would go check it out and had actually planned to leave within thirty minutes if we didn't like it. Well, not only did we stay the whole time but, that day has changed my life forever. I learned quickly that actually meeting one of the church's apostles is a special and rare event. For that I feel truly blessed. It was soon after that I received my witness that the LDS church is true. There was one instance where my attendance to the church had come under ridicule/questioning. I remember suddenly having rushing feelings inside. It was significant because I had never had such feelings about a church. I distinctly remember my heart pounding inside my chest and the words "...it's the best church I've ever been to..." actually came out of my mouth. Seconds after that conversation ended I knew that I must have found the right church. Since attending the LDS church it has been the longest I've ever gone to the same church consecutively. I've read The Book of Mormon and know it bears a true witness of our savior. Since my attendance the Lord has blessed me with the strength to kick my bad habits. I know He can do the same for you. When I was young I didn't understand why my grandmother felt the need to go to church so many times a week. I now know that it simply was her love for Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father. I am forever thankful to my grandmother for providing me with my spiritual soil. Thanks to the missionaries my spiritual seed has been planted. If you are reading this message your spiritual foundation has already been established and either myself or a missionary have given you a spiritual seed. I encourage/invite you to come join me on my journey back to the arms of our Savior. I encourage/invite you to see your spiritual seed grow.