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Hi I'm Riley R.K. Snyder

i'm from Missouri, I love everything outdoors, and i'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 20 years old I graduated from a small high school in Farmington, Missouri in 2010. in high school I played football, wrestling, track, and golf. I was one of three lds kids at the school. I love sports. I went to a year of community college before making the descision to serve a full time mission (which i had never planned on doing). I shot Trap and Skeet at college. I plan on joining the military when I return in two years. I would like to train the military dogs in the Air Force. I love dogs they truly are mans best friend. thru out my life I have had a few Huskies, one Black Lab, and one Border Colie. Camping/back-packing and shooting are probably my favorite pass times. And I Love COUNTRY MUSIC!!!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church so technically I have been lds all of my life but truthfully I wasnt converted until I completed a year of college. I have always gone to church, but had never really gone because I wanted to only because I was told to by my parents. I didnt pray other than when asked to at church or meal times, but I never prayed for myself because I wanted to. I did my best growing up to skip church classes and avoid reading scriptures. I was always doing the things I was raised not to and constantly complaining that if I followed everything God wanted me too I would never have fun again. I pushed him out of my life. I did have happy times with friends and family but if I was ever by myself I felt totally alone. I made excuse after excuse of why I was done with church until finally it never really crossed my mind anymore. I was dating a girl for over two years and she was my entire life. I loved her more than anything and she loved me so naturally we wanted to get married. I finally decided it was time! so I picked out a ring and was going to surprise her the next week when I got back into town. I got a phone call from her before I was back, she had been thinking about how we should raise are kids when we had them. I didnt know what to say I had never really thought about it before.. she knew I was Mormon so she said that she didn't want to raise her kids that way because she didnt think it was true. I had never thought about any of this and I wasn't sure what to say all I knew at that moment was that I had to raise my kids in the LDS church. I had always been taught by my mother that Families were eternal that by living the Gospel Of Jesus Christ not only could I be with my parents forever but with my Kids as well. I told her I needed to raise my kids LDS. unfortunately that conversation ended my relationship... I wish she had stayed, but now I have changed my life around! I'm now serving a mission! to share what I learned from that phone conversation!

How I live my faith

I'm doing my best to share what I know. I'm serving a full-time Mission in the great State of Indiana! I Love It! I have the opportunity to talk to so many people to share the joy that the Gospel brings. To let everyone know they are not alone, that the Savior of the world JESUS CHRIST died for all our sins, That God is our Loving Heavenly Father, That there is life after death, and we can always return to him no matter how far away we have strayed. I LOVE MY GOD!! and I LOVE MY SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!