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Hi I'm Grant Shepherd

I live in Australia. I am a computeree person according to my daughters description. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I joined the church when I was 24 during a private search for truth. I experienced this life changing event without outside help so I consider my story different to many converts. I am 43 years old and married to my high-school sweetheart and we have 4 children . As I matured past my teenage years I began to feel there was something more to life then everyday living. I also wanted to understand families and my responsibilities in life as I desired a greater direction or standard and purpose in life. I have always been a computer technology person. I had one of the original Apple Macs in the 80's and have progressed through many technologies until today. I went from Apple to Microsoft , Intel to AMD and back and forth again.. Today I currently work in an I.T. support/management environment for a large automotive retail company. I like to look at things in a logical manner and this effects my views. I have an interest in many things happening in the world today, politics, the economy and the planet (climate change).

Why I am a Mormon

In 1991 I wondered why do we celebrate Christmas and not ponder Jesus Christ. I realized that the prophets must have had a greater knowledge and I prayed that I could have the wisdom to know such things. Once I started to pray many experiences started to happen to me. I was unemployed with time and opportunity to ponder things at length. As I studied the New Testament I soon knew Jesus Christ was a being far beyond the imagination of any writer and his actions were so alien to mankind. I also realized the original church was nothing like I had seen today and I desired to sacrifice and suppress my own selfishness in order to live the truth. I recognized Opposition in All things and I believed any religion that did not encompass an understanding of this could not be a true religion. I also believed in the Spirit World, Multiple-Dimensions or the Heavens. The way we live our lives effects how we turn out in eternity. My foundation of believing in Jesus Christ is a major part of my search and that has kept expanding my knowledge to this day. I had a Book of Mormon two missionaries door knocking left at my home. The book sat on my bookshelf for nearly 10 years, until the time I started searching. I read parts of it and it soon became the primary source of information in my search for truth. One day I closed the book and decided I would read it sequentially .... I reached the introduction where it invites us to ask God if the book is true. This was when I had the first major spiritual experience in my life, a voice or thought so clear and absolute in my mind unlike anything I ever experienced came to me "The Book of Mormon is True , Joseph Smith is a Prophet and God is active today." I went outside and thanked God as I looked up at the stars in the midnight sky. A few weeks later I rang the Brisbane Mission phone number and asked for everything they had on Joseph Smith. Not many days after two missionaries knocked on my door and I was later baptized.

How I live my faith

I love to read the Book of Mormon daily in my family. I love to teach and consider it an honour and a blessing to study the scriptures and share this with others. I know God does bless me when I obey the commandments and I love the relationship I have with my Saviour when I try to progress and expand myself spiritually. I am thankful for the Gospel and the unity of knowledge I feel in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I would challenge anyone seeking truth to read the Book of Mormon, Pray and have faith in Jesus Christ as he is our greatest friend.