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Hi I'm Mariah D. Nicely - Garrett

I'm a Mormon. Born in Oregon I converted when I was 18 baptised on september 10th 2011.

About Me

Hi I'm Mariah. I am a Mormon convert as of september 10th 2011. Recieved my patriarchal blessing on April 2nd 2012. I'm 19 and go to the Art Institute of Portland to achieve a bachlors of fine arts majoring in Photography and Design minoring in substainability. I love music and writting and longboreding. I grew up in Fostercare and have been moved around my whole life. I have been many religions in the past including Athiest. And now I'm a firm believer of Jesus Christ and his one true church of the Latter-Day Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

My journey to the truth started long ago. I have spent much of my life in trial & tribulation trying to find out who I was and where I was meant to be. I struggled with depression, suicide, with aneixty, drugs and alcohol. I struggled with being moved, abuse and Fostercare. I struggled through many times often finding myself loosing faith in God and cursing him for the trials not only I delt with but watched my loved ones go through until one day that all changed. It wasn't that long ago but I have come a long way since and am proud to say I am a new person now. It was the Summer of 2011 I was doing my usual thing. Writting on my writters community (Allpoetry.com) and listening to music when a young man comented on my poetry that he enjoyed it very much. Later on we became very good friends talking over yahoo and skype and eventually on the phone and writting letters. His name was Nathan Wright. He was 25 years old and lived in Sandy, Utah. Many of my ward family now know him from my testimonys as my angel. One day Nathan or Nate for short and I were discussing religion I had told him I was athiest when in all actuality I wasn't but ashamed of my beliefe in God and not sure which religion I belonged to. He told me he was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At the time I did not connect this to Mormons. Slowly I became curious and he taught me more and more about his beliefes. One night I was on my way home from a 57 trimet bus stop and decided to try praying. I prayed to know if what Nathan was teaching me was true, I remember crying to God asking him to forgive me for sometimes not being very faithful and losing my way. Then I remember a feeling of calm and warmth and security I remember pausing my walking and feeling a light wind that was comforting, a feeling I know regonize as the spirit. It was that moment that lead me to find a church near me with Nate and eventually learning with the missionaries and becoming baptised.

How I live my faith

I find the best way to live my faith is simply by living with Christ and his attonement in mind. I follow his commandments to keep the spirit close and allow it to guide me. I attend church. and imerse myself in reading scriptures daily and nightly as well as watching general conference and other positive mormon uplifting messages. I try to attend YSA (a young single adult group where mormon youths and young adults meet and share spiritual thoughts and have fun) and Institute (a scripture study group that meets weekly to share hems and prayers and study scripture together) as often as possible. I visit teach others assainged to me by the church. Go to the temple to do temple ordainces whenever possible. and participate in other activitys as they arise. Like recently recieving my patriarchal blessing (a blessing given by a patriarch ordained by the church that is often known as personal scripture), doing chairety and service work, preparing for my mission (a trip for a year and a half where members teach the gospel daily to others). and I teach the gospel whenever the oppertunity arises. it is a beautiful thing and all of Gods children have the right to it. I just try to live in Jesus Christ's light and by an example he would want me to be to others.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Mariah D. Nicely - Garrett
The Book of Mormon is a true witness of Jesus Christ. It is scripture that teaches his Gospel and is there as guidence in life. Show more Show less