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Hi I'm Amanda Joy Farnsworth

I AM : AMANDA JOY FARNSWORTH. (And Yes, the screaming-caps-lock-key is needed.)

About Me

I often get to the tops of the towers first, only to find that I have to wait SO LONG for all the other kids to catch up... That's why, at this point in my life, I am focused on, "How can I get the other kids to come play right quick!!??" And that is my Great Work in Progress. I keep finding Who I AM, but then losing it... trailing off... I think the secret is right there in the SOUND of the WORD. I think I must HEAR Who YOU are to be able to keep sight of ME. I think the universe needs the great sounding board of itself to echo all the truths back around. I am HEAR, and I am looking for all of you... Who are you? Who are you? Are you ready to play too?

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because: 1. I :AM ; and... also my Dad Ken was a Mormon and his Dad Doug was a Mormon and his Dad Ernest was a Mormon and his Dad Alonzo was a Mormon and his Dad Stephen Martindale was a Mormon, and then there was Reuben III... and so on and so forth. And I am also a Mormon because I am very literal. And one, literal thing I have noticed is this: Gene. And how Gene, and Genius, and Geneology, and Germinate, and all of the Etc. X Infininty that there is in just that. In your own DNA. And what you can learn about yourself from learing about where else your DNA has been. And one half of me is a FARNSWORTH, but, I can't forget that that is only one sliver of one piece of one half of one GIANT MASSIVE BLACK HOLE of TRUTH lessened down into smaller lessons until it is small enough to fit inside the brain of a child. Like a cookie. And the other half of this crazy cookie is... MOMMY! And I am also who I am today because 1. I : AM ; and also... 2. my Mom Robin is a mormon, AND ALSO, a Bird 3. my Grandmother Dulie is a mormon, AND ALSO, a Busy-Worker-Bee 4. my Great-Grandmother Gladys was a mormon, AND ALSO she liked the color green. I am sure we have more "and alsos" in common, but she is dead right now, so it makes it more difficult to get to know her. The point is, to get to know as many sides of a person as you can. Because at least one of their sides will match up with at least one of your sides, and THAT is the trick to getting everyone in the same circuit. ZING! (That is the sound of electricity jumping and zapping the gap.) So, sing your own song. Broadcast your own kind of crazy. Because you will not know who is looking for you until you leave out some breadcrumbs. You have to sing, to scream, to create. You have to leave directions. And someone, someday, will need YOU. And they will need YOU in that MOMENT of TIME to CONNECT the WORLD ALL TOGETHER! Are you ready? Go.

How I live my faith

HOW = (I AM : GO).