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Hi I'm Justin Ferreira

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Im serving as a missionary in the Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission right now. I grew up in Anaheim, California. I like to go to the beach and swim/surf, sing in choir(not so much solo but sometimes), exercise, watch movies and hang out with friends. I also like to go to Disneyland or ride rollercosters, be outdoors and mountain bike, hike, backpacking, repelling, boldering, and camping. I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and the Eternal Families. I love my family and my best friend;they are really important to me. Serving a mission is awesome! It has its ups and downs of course but it is worth it. I want to get into the medical field after my mission because it really interests me and I already feel like I know alot about it. So I like music, surfing, camping, I am an Eagle Scout and I AM A MORMON!

Why I am a Mormon

To be honest, I was born and raised in the church. I never doubted that what the church and parents taught was wrong because it just felt right. When I was eight years old I was baptized and I remember just being overwhelmed with the spirit and at that young age I knew that it was right because the feeling I had that day was just beyond words. And then when I was twelve, I received the preisthood. Another thing that built my testimony was when the living prophet at the time, Gordon B. Hinckley invited us to read the entire book of mormon in one year and I thought,"no way that thing is huge!" When I was fourteen years old I started to have doubts about the church and asked myself,"out of all the churches, how could this one really be true?" I prayed to know if this church was true and felt good and also felt that it would be really good for me to read the book of mormon. So I started to read a part of a chapter every night, then a whole chapter, and eventually a few chapters a night. After a maybe six months, I finished and got to the last chapter in Moroni. I read a few verses that hit me hard(Moroni 10:3-5)and I decided to ask God to know if it was true. I prayed and asked Him and waited a moment and I received my answer. I have never felt so much warmth, love, and joy in my life before that day since my baptism. I recieved my answer that the book is true and because it is true, the church was also true. As time went on and I had alot of friends who I grew up with were not doing good things and I started to wonder what kind of a person I should be. I decided I should get a patriarchal blessing which is an inspired blessing from the Lord. He told me things that I should do to follow His son for me and blessings I would receive. I also felt an intense feeling of love, peace, and warmth. I know that that feeling is the Holy Ghost. Many and of these blessings I am seeing happening already. I know that the church is true without a doubt.

How I live my faith

Before my mission, I lived my life by being a good person, not swearing, trying not to lose my temper, going to church and saying hi to people especially if they look like they have something wrong with them, and trying to cheer up people like my friends or family who are going through a difficult time in their lives. I also like to tell my friends about the gospel because my mom. When she found out about the church and was baptized, she found out that alot of her friends were also members and over all the years that they were friends, they never told her about the gospel when all along she was looking for the truth. So, because of the testimony of my mom, I feel it wouldnt hurt to share what I know to be true. Now I am serving a mission here in Brazil and doing the same thing only with a name tag and I am away from my family and friends and the hobbies I used to do in California for a couple of years.

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Justin Ferreira
We believe that Jesus Christ is the God of the Earth and of the Heaven, under the direction of Heavenly Father. We believe that He lived on the Earth about two thousand years ago, established His Church, called twelve apostles, and gave them authority. He atoned or suffered for the sins of everyone who have or ever would live, felt all pain, sufferings, depression, and trials that evryone has ever had, and was killed by His own people on the cross. We believe that three days later He was ressurrected with a perfect body of flesh and bones and showed himself to His disciples. As well as showing Himself to His disciples in Jerusalem, we know that He also visited the Americas and other regions. Jesus is the literal Son of our Heavenly Father. The same Heavenly Father who loves us and created us sent His only son, Jesus Christ, here to suffer, die, and be ressurrected so that we can be saved and be able to live with our Heavenly Father again. Show more Show less