What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Cynthia

I am a wife and a step mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Brazil. I came from a non traditional family, from parents who were not married. I have 2 wonderful sisters. The oldest one, is from my mother previous relationship. But we never felt like we were not sisters or half sisters. There was not such thing in my family. Even our father who would tell everyone about his 3 daughters. He passed away when I was 9 years old. It was hard for my mom to keep up with motherhood and be the provider. We didn't have her around most of the time. When I was 17, my older sister got to be taught by the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She never became a member, but I did. Later, I went to college and got a degree in Secretary Science and it allowed me to have much better jobs and help my family finacially. Despite all the dificulties I had faced in my past, I can tell that I overcame every challenge and I hope I'll always have the ability to do so. I married a wonderful American lds guy over 2 years ago, and now, I have the excitement to develop my motherhood powers with 3 wonderful kids from my husband previous marriage. They came every weekend to spend time with us (not the oldest, who is a Missionary of the Church, serving in Baton Rouge Louisiana, untill January 2014) . Hopefully, if more kids are heavenly invited to be part of our family, I'll do my best to create the environment my mom has created in our family: there is no such thing as "step-something-family relationship".

Why I am a Mormon

My family had not a traditional religion to follow, they were not active in any belief. My mom would every once in a while do some voodoo thing. She would take us with her, even though I was scared to death. Deep Inside I was Christian. My mom took me to classes in Catholic Church so I could partake of the Sacrament for the first time. It was good. But I was still empty. I guess being raised for parents who were, somehow, lost religiously, gets confusing sometimes. My heart was filled with faith when I had the oppportunity to listen to the Missionaries discussions. I didn't understand everything, the language of the scriptures were not so easy or inviting, but I understood that my faith would give me the ability to get to know more, and I was fascinated with the idea of talking to my Heavenly Father. I don't remember trying this thing in a regular basis ever. Being 17 years old, I had decided to become a member of this Church and I never regretted. I got to understand I could be religious and have a life where I could go out with friends and have fun. My fun wouldn't be limitted. There was no many "you can't do this". It was important for a teenager being able to keep and social life. Drinking or smoking wasn't a challenge to overcome, because I was smart enough, even without religious background, to know it wasn't good for my body. Hopefully, I was still found virtuous and was fascinated that chastity was a commandment, FOR EVERY GENDER!

How I live my faith

I love Church social gatherings, other than just showing up on Sundays. I get to be more service orienteded with the project services offered to our community, it is such an extension of what we learn on religious classes every week. It is nice getting together with a special purpose to serve or just have some fun. On Sundays, my excitement for being faithfull is renewed when I get to spend time with the kids, teaching or just supervisioning them while some other person do teaches. We have over 30 kids to teach the Gospel to. They are very exciting. Kids volunteer faster than adults do. They help me to visualize how simle is to accept the Gospel and develop a testimony. Kids are not complicated. One of my kids is with us in these classes for children. It is his last year and I am so glad to have this opportunity to participate of his spiritual growth. I like to attend the Temple and think about the day when i was married there. That place brings me such peace to my heart.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is the assurance you receive about the truthness of something. Is is a feeling you receive from the Holy Ghost, after careful consideration and prayer. I prayed to know if the Church was true when I was taught the Gospel. Because I wasn't used to recognize inspiration from the Holy Ghost, it was hard for me at the beggining to understand if I had a testimony or not. Then I've decided to pay attention to the feelings I had when in conection with the saints. I started to understand those feelings and interpretate them. I learned until I could know, even thoug I didn't know everything, and i'll never know, what I knew was enought, the Church is true. Today, as a matter of fact, I know the Church is true, for what I get out of it, from what I see, from what I do. But it is still good to know and feel, deep inside, that it is true, and that i got this feeling after praying about it. Show more Show less