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Hi I'm Maureen Burbidge

I'm a Mormon. I am the mother of 5 and grandmother of 14. I am a nurse specializing in Hospice the last 5 1/2 years.

About Me

I have 5 daughters who are the lights of my life. They have provided me with 9 grandaughters and 5 grandsons, one due in July. My husband is a temple worker at the Jordan River Temple a coordinator on Tuesday evenings. I have worked in the nursing field since 1966. I was able to stay at home for 19 years while I raised my family. I went back to nursing in 1990 when my oldest started college ending up full time in pediatric home care when my husband lost his job in 2001. I changed to hospice in 2006 which has been the best way to end my carrier. The Lord says "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear'. I have spent these last years preparing special people to be able to move from this sphere of existance to the next.I have also helped family members who are struggling with parents who don't want to eat much any more, and who do not want any help or want to stop driving when they should. Older age living brings many changes that parents do not want to make and children do not want to force, but still need to be made. If we prepare ourselves for this future time and plan for it, we will not put undue pressure on our children. Knowing where help can be found and using it will make a great difference as the end of life nears. I know the Lord has provided this, "Miracle we call death", as a way to help us find our way home to him. We do need to learn about this time to come so we and our families can be prepared.

Why I am a Mormon

I was lucky enough to be born in the church and raised by faithful parents who taught me to live the precepts of the gospel. I loved going to church and participating in Primary and Young Womens which helped to make me who I am today. Even growing up in the church, you still have to find your own testimony of the Gospel. My true testimony came when I was living away from home in Hawaii. I had been unlucky in love and was hurting a lot so decided to sell my car and fly to Hawaii to room for the summer with some other LDS girls. One of these roommates happned to be dating a man who was working on the original Hawaii Five-O set. He told me how I could try out to be an extra. This I did and landed a spot on one of the series. I thought this was so exciting. Because I was a nurse my services were used for some medical problems one of the stars had. The script writer for the show thought a cute little Mormon girl from Salt Lake City would be a great asset to him so started to put the pressure on. At one point he spoke to me about every girl needing experience before she got married and how upset he was that his daughter was getting married without any. I was stunned to say the least. I finally yelled at him that when I got married I would be as pure as the driven snow and so would my husband and that was that. I remember falling to my knees in my apartment crying to my Father-In-Heaven just how greatful I was for the father who had raised me, a worthy Priesthood holder who taught me what was right. I have known, without a doubt, since that time that the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was THE only church with the fulness of the teachings of the Savior. I have been an active member my whole life. It has been my guide through all I do. Over these last years of working with those who are dying, I have found how important this knowlege is to helping me have the peace I will need at that sacred time.

How I live my faith

I have found living my faith to be easy, most of the time. I love to participate in the ways I am called to do so. This may be in the Nursery with the little children, in Relief Society with the women, in cubscouts or perhaps leading the music or helping with activities. It doesn't matter what I do, just that I am busy. I find everyday is better when I bring the spirit into my day. Prayer is very important to me. When I am so involved in the lives of those going through the end of life, I must know how to council and provide help for them. I never leave in the morning that I don't tell my Heaveny-Father that I need him to be with me to help me know what to say to my patients and when to say it. It is very hard when people have no religous background at all. They are so much more scared of death as are their families. I have been blessed to see the windows of heaven open to someone who did not even know their was a heaven. In her comatose state she spoke the words "I am falling. I am falling." I asked her where she was falling to, was it some place really beautiful? She said in a lilting tone, "Oh yes". I asked if there were trees and flowers there so beautiful, like she had never seen before? Again came. "Oh yes!" Then I asked her if there were people there that she loved? Again she said "yes". Her daughter then ran to the bed asking, "Mom, is it your parents?" One last time she said "Yes!" then drifted back into comatose slumber. I cannot deny what I saw and heard nor the spirit of truth that permiated my soul at that time. I have tried to live my life to be worthy of these experiences. I have tried to instill in my children and grandchildren the same love of the gospel that I have. I also thank my Heavenly-Father and my Savior for the knowledge I have that I can live with them again someday. That gift of my Savior I will forever be grateful for.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Maureen Burbidge
All young men of the age of 19 or older are encouraged to serve a mission. It is a testimony builder and teaches them how to live away from home while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. It definitely prepares them for their future life. Young women by the age of 21, who have a desire to serve are also called. Couples who have raised their children, are encouraged to serve as well. Sometimes couple missionaries can help in ways the single men and women cannot. My husband and I are planning to serve a mission by next year and are so excited to do so. I hope I can use my nursing abilities to help the people as well. Show more Show less