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Hi I'm John Kendall

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a husband of 33 years and a father of 8 adult children. Staying married and raising a family is the hardest work I have ever done. I work for UPS part-time, and restore and resell houses that have been neglected or damaged. I've had my own business portraying Abraham Lincoln, and as a result of have learned a great deal about Mr. Lincoln and the Civil War. Two of my four sons help me in my restoration business. My wife and I come from families where the family members don't like each other much, and we wanted to have a family where the members like each other. In spite of much difficulty, our kids do like each other and us, and we all get together as much as time and money allow.

Why I am a Mormon

I fell in love with a Mormon girl many years ago. I went to church to be with her and, although she married someone else, I joined the church and have stayed active. I’ve been a Latter-day Saint since I was nineteen, almost twenty. When I was a child and my family attended a different church, we were told that everyone who had not accepted Christ as their personal Savior was going to burn in hell. I remember thinking, at the age of eight or nine, “How could I be happy in heaven, knowing my friends were burning in hell? Of course, we were taught, “That’s what the Bible says.” I believed it because I didn’t know any better. I also asked, “What kind of loving Heavenly Father would allow such a thing?” I never received an answer that satisfied me. After investigating many churches I finally found one that teaches of a loving Heavenly Father who would never allow his children to burn in hell, although he does allow them to make choices that sometimes result in a great deal of self-inflicted pain. Believe me, I know. Father does not coerce us to follow him with threats of eternal damnation. He encourages us in a positive way to accept his gospel and to follow Him and His Son Jesus Christ. The gospel message of the Mormons was a breath of fresh air to a struggling young man trying to find the truth. I believe I have found it.

How I live my faith

In my 37 years as a Latter-day Saint I have mostly been a Sunday School teacher. I've taught young adults, adults, and the men's group. I've also been a Boy Scout and Cub Scout leader. Each calling has presented me with new challenges, forcing me to grow. These opportunities for service have provided me with education and experience far beyond what I imagined I was getting.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

John Kendall
I believe that we have the opportunity to live together forever as a family. This doesn't mean that we always agree. In fact, sometimes we strongly disagree with each other. But, we recognize that our best chance of being happy for eternity with each other is to find ways to get along, so we work on preserving the relationships we have with each other. Our family members respect each other's differences and our different points of view. I believe that when we focus on preserving the relationships we have with each other, the differences enrich and expand us, or sometimes just serve as a source of amusement. Most days, we like each other. Show more Show less