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Hi I'm Erik!

I'm not as clever as the last guy you clicked on, but I'm just as Mormon!

About Me

Hello! I'm Erik, from California. I speak English, Spanish, and both MSA and Levantine Arabic. I am a student of the Middle East. I am drawn to emphasize in international development, human/animal rights, and refugee law & acclimation. I love Arabic calligraphy and the mystical and aesthetic beliefs that surround and enshroud it in beauty and talent. I love my dogs Jazzie & Louie. Life with, and without, them consistently assures me of their potential and reality as loyal friends to us, and I am passionate about our divine mandate to watch over them in sincere love and reverent respect. I also love soccer, a lot.

Why I am a Mormon

I choose to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth because I believe Him to be the Son of God the Eternal Father. As I practice what He preached, I come to know that He is the Savior, and Redeemer of all of us. I believe that the way He did things is the way He does things, and that "Way" is not found in any historical record or monument, but only through Him. It is my understanding that the Gospel of Christ has been on the Earth since it's beginnings, but man's understanding of it has been all over the place. It is through a Patriarchal order that God reveals to all His will and truths, and I believe that this pattern continues today through the man Joseph Smith and on to the chosen leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ. I love the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Former-Day Saints in the holy books preserved throughout the world, and I do believe that my history-and those before me- as members of His Church in the latter-days is of equal importance. Greater meaning and focus can not be reached through anything other than living the focused, and meaningful life which Christ did, and I know that. This religion makes me happy now, and can bring happiness in all of my tomorrows. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by understanding it. I can't call myself much of a soccer-player if I don't understand the rules, and I REALLY wouldn't be much of a soccer-player if I didn't follow them. I can't call myself much of a Christian if I am not familiarizing myself with Christ's life, example, disciples, or His Church. And all the knowledge of those things wouldn't bring their benefits without my emulating them, right? I live my faith by helping others live theirs. A belief in a something Higher than oneself brings amazing strength and power through faithful submission to that authority. Acting on its influence works miracles. Just professing a religious title does little for me or my friends. I want my friends of all faiths to be living in the way that their faith prescribes, to the best of their abillities and knowledge. I live my faith by trying to filter every aspect of my life through it. When we sift a religion through a life we often miss many of the important applications and life lessons involved. When we sift a life through a religion, every ounce of living is full of faith, every second is filled with hope for the next, each failure and success dependent upon its accompanying Gospel truth.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

You had better believe it. Holy Men, through inspiration of the Spirit, often record the revelation, inspiration, and instruction that they receive from God to them and those living in their time. By writing these down they can distribute their message more permanently than through the preaching of the Gospel alone. Through the authorized mouthpieces of God, these writings act as the authoritative Word of God to man. These writings are to be held sacred, protected, and valued by their application into our lives. Frequently, the words of Scripture are more than just catchy phrases to paint above the fireplace or carve into a rock in the front yard, they are calls to act! They are words that--to the believer--God wants them to hear, and DO! We are amazingly blessed to have developed systems and inventions that allow us to convey to one another the feelings and inspirations we receive, but also to record them, to make them seen as well as heard. Scripture is not only our link to God's dealings with our ancestors, but it is our conduit into the future, allowing us to apply past lessons to present problems, and thereby bringing present experience into future situations! The Bible as we have it now, is a collection of such writings. Each book written by humans, for humans. It is our link into what God has said, done, and wished for past generations! It is our blessing to have this resource, these sacred accounts of a loving Father in Heaven reaching out to his Children Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

You got to give it a test-drive. If you really want to know how the teachings of my religion change the very nature of man, you have to live them. John 7:17 tells us this. BUT even more important than knowing that this faith is people-perfecting, you got to know that the source of these teachings is truly our Eternal Father. To come to know that, you have to ask Him. In our scriptures we read that God is all about giving us wisdom. He's there for us when we have questions. Especially the real serious ones. So with the question of whether or not Mormonism is "true" is one of those doozies you'll want to take up with you Eternal Father. He promises to tell you the truth of all things through the Holy Ghost, and He means it. When you ask a question and really intend to act on the answer, believing it is YOUR answer, you will know that Mormonism is true! Easy peasy. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Some people feel that us Mormon folks are involved in a cult religion. Mainly having to due with our religion being different from theirs, and the feelings that our beliefs are not shared by other in the Christian faith. I'll take our beliefs on God and scripture, and I'm sure the people below me can answer for some others ones! Our understanding of our Heavenly Father and our potential as joint-heirs with His son Jesus Christ is that-through living the life He lives- we will be able to comprehend and possess all that He has promised us through His holy prophets. To others, we seem to demean God by "bringing Him down to our level" when in all reality we feel that it is our right, privilege, and responsibility to raise ourselves to His. People think our belief in God is not founded in scriptural truth. We are also looked at as a cult because of how we view scripture. Scripture--to us--refers to those sacred revelations written by inspired children of God, and preserved by His believers, the records of the existence of the religion, not the religion itself. Our doctrine of "open canon" opens a whole canon of worms to those not of our faith. BUT, we DO believe and follow the teachings of the prophets and apostles who wrote the books in the Bible!! We just believe that man does not always have free reign when it comes to determine what is and isn't true scripture! This allows us to recognize TRUTH in whatever golden plates, dead scrolls, or stone carvings it's written on! Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

It is the authority given to worthy and qualified men to act in all things for the salvation of God's children. It's necessary place within Christ's Church was made evident through the many miracles performed by Christ and His Chosen in ancient times, as well as with the Lord's Chosen in our day. A man ordained with this authority from God may officiate in Church meetings or ordinances and give blessings of health and comfort. It is not bestowed upon anyone with any degree of finality. The man ordained must be living in regards to the commandments given with respect to the priesthood in order to remain authorized by God. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

The "First Vision" refers to the first divine manifestation that Joseph Smith had during his life. God the Father, and Christ the Son appeared to Joseph as an answer to his petition to know which path to take as he began his spiritual journey. In between that time and the time Joseph was martyred he had many angelic visitations, divine communications, and other spiritual experiences, the majority of which coming as answers to simple prayers. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

This life is a time for men to prepare to meet God. Not just to meet, but to live with as well! This means to me, that we must use this time to gather all the necessary facts and figures of life (a testimony, an ability to ponder, a desire to learn, etc.) AS WELL AS develop the needed skills and traits, such as compassion, sacrifice, a sense of humor, unique talents, and so on . Preparing to meet God is much more to me than just doing wrong, knowing I did wrong, repenting, and moving on to the next sin. But it is to cultivate within myself the divine spark of the Creator! To fulfill our purpose in this life we must understand, and be, many things. We must understand Christ and be like Him. We must understand forgiveness and be forgiving, we must understand repentance and be repentant, and we must understand talent and be talented! There is nothing we can do that God cannot, and there is nothing righteous that we will do that He will not. I don't believe that it is too far-fetched or blasphemous for me to entertain the idea that--after I have faithfully lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- I would be able to kick a soccer ball around with my Father in Heaven, do you? ...As long as it's not on a Sunday, right! Show more Show less

What is faith?

Faith is hope on wheels! It is manifest by a deliberate action completed in order to qualified for an expected result or consequence. If I "believe" in a principle or doctrine, it means that I have studied it out and desire to achieve whatever blessing has been promised to the one who accomplishes or lives that principle, and I show my "faith" as I complete the actions required to qualify for that blessing. Faith is a lot more than belief or hope to me, we already have words for those two things. Faith describes something totally different, it's like a process or a manifestation. Show more Show less