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Hi I'm John Cochran

I'm a Mormon. I'm employed as a Speech Language Pathologist and joined the LDS Church in 1978, when I was 26 years old.

About Me

I'm a father of 3 boys and 1 girl. My wife and I were married in Oakland California. I enjoy horses and fishing. I've raised, bred, and trained horses for the last 10 years, and love catching rainbow trout from a float tube. My career began as a management trainee of K-Mart, then on to teaching elementary PE, insurance sales, pharmaceutical sales and finally speech therapy. I stutter, which finally became more than I could handle, so I went back to college, at age 39, to study communication disorders and find an answer to my stuttering. So far so good. I've been a successful Speech Pathologist for the last 17 years.

Why I am a Mormon

I was always a pretty good kid, up until I left home for college. I always wanted to be the All American Boy who drank milk and was wholesome. As I grew older, it was becoming apparent to me that the All American Boy didn't exist. I started college off with a bang. My GPA was 1.85. Too many drown nights and skipping classes. After 4 more years I finally graduated and began work as a manager trainee, which I didn't like and eventually, after more college, became a elementary PE teacher. My life was that of a "typical" college student. Coors beer, bars and chasing girls, which I never was very good at. A blessing in disguise. During my 1st year of teaching I had considered asking out another teacher, however one day when walking by her car I notice a bible in it, which convinced me she was not my type. Over the course of that year, it became apparent to me that whatever I was looking for was not in a bar, plus the teacher with a bible in her car was very nice, not like what I was used to. By the summer I was attending various churches to see if there was one I liked. Unknown to me at the time, my sister joined the LDS Church a few months before and when driving through town with her husband, told me about the LDS faith. I thought a Mormon had a pitchfork and farm hat, and that BYU was on the east coast. Upon arriving at my new location that fall I decided to call the missionaries. Again my impressions of what a missionary would look like was way off. Here came two boys with pimples on their faces, dressed in suits and on bikes. Oh boy! I rushed them into the apartment, hoping no one else saw them. Well a lot transpired over the course of two months. I chose to be baptized on Halloween Eve. I had an experience the next day that is too sacred to share here. That experience is the anchor to my testimony. I know the LDS Church is led by the Savior himself. Joseph Smith was called to restore the gospel to the earth. And I am very happy with my decision.

How I live my faith

My goal in life is to learn to become as much like the Savior as I can. I falter often, but sense I'm getting closer with each daily experience. I love reading the Bible and Book of Mormon. The teachings found in both provide standards I use to measure my progress, plus they provide me with numerous examples of how to live. I would hope that someday others can understand and feel the Savior more clearly through my example. I have a long ways to go. But the world is made up of people like me, imperfect but trying to be better. I keep in mind counsel that was shared by an LDS author. He said "I did not come into this world to judge anyone, but to love everyone".

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

John Cochran
I never smoked but did drink alcohol and coffee before joining the LDS Church. The missionaries taught me about the Word of Wisdom. I had a strong confirmation of the truth of what they had taught me. It was up to me to demonstrate my faith and pour the alcohol down the drain and stop drinking coffee. It has been 34 years since that decision and I have not had either since. I never thought I could have fun without being drunk. What a surprise. Good wholesome fun and blessings beyond my wildest dreams. I had to demonstrate my faith. God kept His promises. And He will do the same for you. Show more Show less