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Hi I'm Sam Salt

I'm a Mormon. I come from a family of high values. It is my goal to bring honor to my family, home, nation, and church.

About Me

I grew up on a farm in rural Missouri. I am the last of seven children. I am a happy soul, always looking for the positive. Even in the worse of times I say, ¨Well it is good right now, because I know it could be a lot worse.¨ Life is good and should be enjoyed. Even the pains of life are enjoyable because they teach you to know the sweetness of all the blessings you already enjoy. I like to solve problems, and especially love math. I wish to be a mechanical engineer. My favorite pass time is playing strategy board games. Risk is my favorite, though rarely can I find anyone willing to take time to play with me, especially when they assume from the beginning I will win. I also like Chess and Shogi (or Japanese Chess, though not a dirrivtive of European chess at all but rather a divivitive of the ancient ancestor of both games). I have spent probably too much time looking up such games online, studying their histories, variations, house rules, and other related games. Indeed I can more accurately tell you the rules to some games I have nevr played than some people who play those games often. I also like to be outside. Growing up in the country, and being homeschooled for much of my youth, I have come to love the quiet serinity of nature. I love to camp, canoe, and hike. A day spent with my dogs out in the woods without seeing or hearing anything realated to any other man is a good day.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an active Latter-Day Saint family. My parents taught me the doctrines of the gosple from youth. While I was yet young my mother labored diligently to see that I read the scriptures daily. Before I could read, should would read to me. Once I began to read, she would help me read one verse and she would read the rest of the chapter we were studying. Then as my reading improved, my mother made sure I started to read on my own, even if only one verse a night. I would say that while in my youth I read the entire Book of Mormon for the first time, a verse at a time for four years straight. With such an inbedded habit of scripture study I have never stopped, I have only studied more and more diligently. Through this diligent study I know the Book of Mormon is true. Now after this explination of how I have been raised in the Church of Jesus Crist of Latter-Day Saints, I would not have you believe that this reason I am a Mormon. Yes my time as a youth with family and friends have helped me learn of the gosple and establish it in my life. Nevertheless, this is not the reasons I am a member of the "Mormon church". Family and community traditoins of gosple devotion are not enough reason to be a member a church. No matter how devoted my family is to this religion, no matter what else; all such matters would be of no imporatnce if the "Mormon Church" was not of God. I am a member of this church because I know it is true. I know for myself that the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is God's one and only true church on the earth today. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith did resotre the true gosple of Jesus Christ to the earth once more. I know that today we are led by a living prophet who holds the power and authority of God to dirrect the children of men. I know God is my Eternal Father. I know because I have asked God and he has answered my humble plea. His spirit daily testifies I am on the right path. If you wish to know, ask God, he will answer.

How I live my faith

I am a stong believer of duty, and I try to do my duty. I do not feel I am the most capable man, or feel that I am by any means perfect. But I have faith in God that when he calls me to a work, I can do the work despite any weaknesses I may have. God is mercifully to the weak, turning the weaknesses of the meek into strength if they will but humble themselves before Him. Never have I turned down a calling from the Lord given through His authorized representative, and never shall I in future. I do the best in any calling I recieve, and I have success in helping others and myself come closer unto Christ. I try every day to work with diligence to prepare myself to be ready to meet the Lord. I pray in kneeling prayer every morning and night to council with the Lord on how to act through my day. Through the day I try to keep a mind open in prayer to God often for his guidence and strength. I diligently read the scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon, in oder that I might fill my mind with the enobling word of God. The purpose of this all is that I might change my heart line upon line, precept on precept, until at the last day I stand before God washed clean of all blemish, and He will say, "Well done my faithful servant." I try to live the gosple to the fullest in all parts of my life. The gosple of Christ is not meerly a theological principle, but is a way of life for those who recieve it into their hearts. Those who so recive the doctrine of Christ will be changed, and through faithful, enduring obedience to Him, will become more like Christ every day. I earestly strive to help those who are having a bad day. I strive to serve my fellow man and make his life a little better. I shun the filth of the world, such as pornography, violence, profanity, ludness, and all other degrading works of the Devil. I strive for that which is virtuous and presuades to follow Christ. My life is blessed every day by the gosple, and I try to share that joy with all around me.